Grr. I am feeling like I am making decisons on the fly just to get things feeling like “home” and I’m afraid I’m going to regret it. Paint. Ok, its a pretty easy fix… and somewhat inexpensive. I posted some pictures of the house on Rate My Space and asked suggestions about the living room (ok, all the rooms). I want to do Dark Walnut floors, but I’m afraid with the dark furniture it’ll be too dark. People suggested lightening the wall color… which was one of my first ideas although I LOVE the wall color in our living room. But… a darker wall color, darker furniture and darker floors would be too… dark, don’t you think? (sigh) 2 gallons of paint down the drain??

And the stairs. I originally had the dark walnut color in my mind, with the risers white and spindles white. I was just going to sand/rough up the stairs and stain them and I did the top stair (and only the top stair as I started to freak out). Then I realized the hallway upstairs was a lighter wood color and I plan to leave all the floors upstairs a natural/medium wood color and I’m not sure if it’ll look weird. The stairs and railing is already a darker color than the floors upstairs, but they’re still kind of similar, just a darker shade. The dark walnut is just DARK. And not sure if the dark walnut color on the stairs would look too dark with the foyer? (sigh again)

One project I don’t regret is what we got done yesterday. Or… what my awesome hubby got done yesterday. I love that he is so handy. I wanted closet organizers in our closets because, really… how useful is just a shelf and a hanger rod? That so does not utilize space. I knew to buy closet organizers for 4 closets and a walk in would be expensive. So I designed my own and Ryan brought home shelving board from work (he can get it for free) and built them. I’m so so so happy with this project!

Yesterday my sister and Aubri were over and the kids were being insane. Porter is such a wild man lately… especially when he’s left to entertain himself. We decided to take the kids across the road to the track and let them run. Well, the track was locked up so we just played in a field.

  1. I’m just in awe of everything you’ve done. You’re a woman on a mission, that’s for sure. Love the foyer color and the bedroom colors turned out great too. I’m envious!Awesome closet makeover! I need to gut the girls’ closets over the next 5 weeks and get things organized. I might have to steal some ideas. The house looks like it really has your touch. Hard to remember what it was like before…guess that’s the point.Anyway, can’t wait to see it in person.

  2. Okay now I have to hire you and Ryan. You to design and him to build although by the sounds of it you’re pretty handy too! Closet looks great!

  3. I think the closet is just outstanding!! VERY COOL!!I’m looking forward to seeing the pics of the kitchen when it’s done. It was so pretty to begin with!! Great job!! Kudos!! 😉

  4. i LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you have done. i’m feeling LAZY right now because honestly, we’ve been in our house 7 months now and probably haven’t even done 1/4 of what you have! you’re amazing!i know what you mean though about just wanting it done and then regretting it a little bit later on… i totally did that with our first house. i think i had the whole thing decorated in like six weeks. this one, i guess i’m trying to be okay with things getting done little by little, hoping that each thing i add i will really LOVE and have thought through completely. or at least, that’s what i keep telling myself so i don’t feel so lazy. 🙂 i definitely don’t see any reasons for you to regret what you’ve done so far though!the closet looks awesome… props to ryan…and i just LOVE the last picture of the kids sitting under the sign. totally adorable.

  5. Sorry I’m so behind in all these comments…Like I said before, I don’t think the different colored wood is a big deal. I think the stairs will look gorgeous that color and from downstairs no one will ever notice there’s a different tone at the top landing. I think the biggest difference you’ll notice is just that the lighter floor looks more worn… if you polish it up and it looks new and “shiny” like the rest of the floors, I think the contrasting color will look kind of neat. Like we were talking about earlier… combining the different woods and colors is the new trend, right?And same with your entryway… Isn’t the contempo/antique look what you were trying for? I love that blue more and more and I can’t believe how different (classy) it looks with things (furniture and decor) in there. I can’t wait to see it put together with a rug!

  6. Oh, and the living room–I don’t think the floors would be too dark. You’re walls are not that dark, plenty of your furniture is lighter (your entertainment center, couch, the blue chair) and you have that big carpet to break it up. I think it would be a nice “border” around the room. The only area I might be concerned about would be the black table you have under the front window… but even that area wouldn’t seem TOO dark. You have plenty of light in that room from the big windows.Man, you have me all motivated now to do some stuff around our house. Now if only I could come up with money for any of that…

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