Am I out of the loop?

Ok, I’m totally feeling lost here on the web. I think I’m confused. Or lost or something. I’m following Cass’s (or is that Cass’?) Twitter on her blog because SHE’S HAVING LEXI FINALLY ok, back to the topic… and I notice replies and comments to other Twitterers. And they’re in the same timeline… so how does this happen? Are you guys just sitting at your computer all day Twittering? Or can you Twitter from your cell phone like text messaging (remember… I *just* figured out how to text on my cell…. don’t laugh.)? And how do you Twitter at (@) people and reply to peoples Twitter posts on your Twitter? Anyone want to clue me in?

  1. HAHA I was thinking the same thing earlier! I think you can do it from aim or the site probably or your cell… a lot of college friends update their facebook statuses via twitter, and I feel totally out of the loop and behind in the times! I might get one just because its amusing and I have nothing better to do all day long. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will tell you something though, haha.

  2. maybe you already figured this out, but you can twitter by texting ‘40404’ on your phone. i think you might have to set it up first in your twitter account, i can’t remember.also, you can reply by doing a ‘@’ and then the can set it up so that you get twitters to your phone i believe.

  3. oh you can do it by person too… like today if i want to hear the news from cass, i will just go to her page and change the option where it says ‘Following’.

  4. I’ve been twittering, but didn’t know you could respond to other twitters. I did just add the text messaging on my phone, so now I can twitter away from the computer.

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