What kind of tree is this?

In our front yard we have two big trees and then this littler tree that is smack dab in the middle of the yard, right in line with our front door. Kind of queer. Anyhow, our backyard lacks shade in the afternoon/evening so we were talking about planting a tree in the backyard (I wish we could buy a huge tree that would instantly produce shade) and instead of buying one I thought we could transplant this little guy.

Ryan thinks its just a tiny decorative tree (and if it is, great, because I was thinking of buying a smaller tree for our landscaping to replace some of the ugly bushes), but my inlaws thought it was a larger tree but just young.

My FIL told me they had a book on trees, but I said I’d just do a search online. Then today I thought… why search… I have blog readers and I’m SURE out of all of you SOMEONE has to know what kind of tree this is! Now that I took these pictures and looked at the leaves up close, it is looking more like a tree that stays kind of small. Anyone know what kind of tree it is, specifically?

I just searched online and realized from Arborday.org you can buy mature trees for SUPER cheap… like less than $20!! And this website has 6-7′ trees for around $100. Hmm.. Now, what I’d really like to buy is a 30′ Maple HAHA!

  1. it looks a bit small, but is it some kind of ash tree – i have a mountain ash that is bigger than that, but has the berries and such on it. the birds love it – they get drunk off the berries.

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