Nicole: Hair Throughout the Years

I thought it would be fun to visit all my old haircuts throughout my teenange/adult years. I do have some funny childhood haircuts I should post, but maybe another time. So, shall we begin?

Oh my.. here I am about 11 years old maybe? I can’t remember… (grandma… maybe you can
refresh my memory as to what year we went to Disney?). I know you’re totally jealous of my leggins and my fanny pack. Totally. Whenever I picture my hair short, I think of this haircut. Eww.

Oh! Do you recognize these girls? This was 6th grade. Leslie and I… What the HELL are we wearing? Do you see the lace choker around my neck with the gaudy ‘gold’ heart dangling from it?

Here we are onto my barn days… I bought Lacey when I was 13 (with my own hard earned money!) and from day one I was addicted. I lived at the barn. Good thing, though, as it kept me out of trouble for a good part of my teen years. Bad thing for my image… I was a total nerd. And I probably smelled like horse and barn many days at school. Gross!Here’s another short haircut (but not the shortest!) Ryan and I in 1998
And… here’s the super short haircut. Reminds me now of Dharma and Greg.

I am not sure exactly when this picture was taken…I know it was my senior year, probably the summer after (2000). I’m sure all of us hooched up girls were on our way out to some kind of house party or something. (Do you recognize the girl in the orange?)
I almost didn’t recognize Ryan in this picture! He looks so young! This picture was his 21st birthday in 2002. My hair is still pretty short!

Goth queen? No, not really. Just a bad choice of color for my hair- I tried a different “box” color that time and I think it actually had turned a weird purplish color. I used Herbal Essence or something and I will never use it again!
This was in 2004 when we went to Mexico (ahh… Mexico…). Oh to be that skinny and stretch-mark free again!

Me in 2005- I think I actually was just days from finding out I was pregnant with Porter. I loved my hair then.

A few months later, I went a bit shorter…

Here is me in Chicago this spring 2008…. long hair, again. I think I had pretty long hair from about 2003 to 2008 with a few semi-shorter shoulder length cuts inbetween those years. Wow… 5 years!
And… drumroll please…. the Before/After from yesterday:

Its a little shorter in the front than I had envisioned (I think I would like it to be an inch or smidge more below my chin in the front… but it’ll grow-that’s what hair does, right?) . I like it though! I think it’ll be super easy to style in the mornings while getting ready with two kiddos under foot. Gawd… I’m such a mooooom!

  1. ooh i LOVE it. i actually have that exact same hair in mind for when i eventually decide to chop mine all off and ‘grow up’. not that you look older… i mean i just feel like there’s only so many years you can rock the long hair before it’s time to give it up, you know? so i might as well do it while i can. but i LOVE that hair. i’m not sure i could pull it off because mine is so thick, do you think it would look too much like a triangle? do you feel naked without the long hair? i haven’t had shorter hair since freshman year of college… i think it would feel crazy for awhile. wow, sorry to come here and just dump my brain on you this morning. 🙂

  2. It’s so cute!!Isn’t the picture in the green from those goofy pamphlets we had to make in that one class that you yelled at the professor in? Ehhh, I don’t remember why you got so mad, it was this role playing thing I think and he kept picking on you… random memory.

  3. I love that cut on you!Too funny…I got my first post-baby hair cut yesterday too! Our babies are almost the same age too. Guess the 2 month mark is the time to get a mom-cut. haha!

  4. I think it's really cute….it kinda makes me wanna do it! Yeah, and I like the salmon colored shirt from Gap that you're taking the picture in….in the dressing room?? Haha! Too funny, they kicked us out last night & you were back today.?BTW: Leslie and your outfits are priceless!** Oh, that shirt I bought last night… the floral one, cuter on the hanger than on me. But, for $6 I think I'll just keep it, I'm sure I'll wear it a few times & LOVE the white jeans I got…super cute! Remind me never to go shopping with you again!**

  5. LOVE it!!!!! Its the Victoria Beckham do! I had that once myself! OH and that pic of you, me, hollie and katie….those were our Leslie boy days…oh yes, when Hollie and Katie were obessed with those 2 guys and you dated Adam (was that his name?)and his friend that was a complete A-Hole to me….He was just mad that I didnt like him…jealousy is a bee-otch! Oh and I was quite skinny then…thanks for the blast from the past!

  6. LOVE IT!!! I am typing from the back of my car in my Mom's driveway where I am scamming her internet & just saw your hubby & boys pull up to the folks as I was commenting. Too funny!

  7. Love the new haircut! I always wanted a haircut like that, but my hair is WAY too curly and my face is way too long and pointy to ever make it work. 🙂 And btw…I TOTALLY had that white lace choker with the heart charm on it. That was the year I got about 8 white chokers for my birthday. Guess I should have asked for a few more things.

  8. Oh I really love your hair!! Yours turned out how I envisioned mine! HAH!! I love it! And think I need to cute mine a little shorter now! :)Can’t wait to see ya next week.

  9. cute hair…my husband and melissa are cousins. We are apparently connected by Missy’s, I saw Hailey and Carter on one of your posts and I work with that Missy. Small world huh!

  10. Super cute haircut. If you color your hair yourself, which kind of hair color do you use? I think I might try a box and I’m not sure which brand to buy. Also, don’t know if you received my question on one of your posts, but I’m wondering where you found your bed at.

  11. Oooh. I love the cut! It looks great! You’ve had a lot of nice haircuts. I bet the shorter hair is easier to style. Long hair can be such a pain! 🙂

  12. Love the hair cut and color. You are so good at making things look good whether it is your house, your pictures, your scrapbooking, your hair and many more things.It makes me want to do something with the mop on my head. I think I have a coupon for BOGOF on haircolor, anyone want to join me?

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