This boy…

I swear, he keeps me on my toes.

I was upstairs cleaning and I heard a crash downstairs. I walked down to hear noise coming from the dining room/mudroom area.

I saw this:

Innocent enough, right?

Well, here’s what I found inside:

This WAS a leftover eclaire cake from dinner last night. Let’s see… there were a few funnies from this Sunday at my mom’s, too. My aunt, uncle and cousin were in from Georgia and my other uncle brought 3 of his 4 boys up from Temperence. Nathan is about 6 months older than Porter and Patrick is 6, so they get along just great. Three VERY boyish boys… fun times

  • Porter decided to THROW dirt all over himself… he was black. Disgustingly dirty.
  • Patrick yanked down his pants to pee behind a tree (such a boy!) and Porter (who has not an inkling of how to pee on command LOL!) watched in awe and then struggled to pull down his pants and diaper and “pee” too.
  • The boys were riding a Little Tikes tractor down the hill in the yard. I look over to see Patrick and Porter both on the tractor (which is tiny!) and flying down the hill. They hit a dip and off flew Porter.

I have a feeling life with 2 boys will never be dull.

On other subjects… does this look any better?

I don’t think I’m going to do the 20×20’s because 9 of them take up pretty much that whole space (with maybe 8-10 inches around the edge of the wall). I’m afraid that walking by it in that little “hall” space to our door would just be so in-your-face. In Tara’s house, it was on a wall not a walkway, so I think the larger prints work great for that.

So, I thought I’d try a 4×3 row of 12×12’s and maybe a 4×4 grid (add one more row along the bottom??). I also think I’ll probalby put a fake tree or something in the corner by Hudson’s room (where that box is).

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