I’m thinking of renaming this blog something about Porter and his mischievous ways..

One more thing from today… (can you tell today was a very INTERESTING day..)

Ryan put Porter to bed and not long after I heard noise in the dining room. I looked at Ryan and rolled my eyes…. I knew we were in for a typical bedtime struggle.

Well, before busting in on him, I decided to peek around the corner into the dining room and see exactly what he was up to. It gets funny. Just wait.

I peek in and see him by the mudroom (where he had his box and had smuggled the eclair cake…). He picked up this red basket that we store toys in. He likes to play with it and put it on his head. I see him pick it up, quietly, and put it over his head and tiptoe into the kitchen. He had a stash of matchbox cars in the kitchen that he had just got back (he had them taken away the other day for not picking up his toys). He tiptoes into the kitchen over to his cars and slowly and quietly picks up as many as he could and took them back into the mudroom and lined them up.

He must have thought that by having the basket on his head that we couldn’t see him. It was HILARIOUS. Ryan and I let this go on for about 15 minutes and then finally asked him what he was doing. He said “I waked up! Mommy, I waked up!” Sure…. LOL!

What will this kid come up with next? I’m scared to find out.

  1. LMAO He and Morgan are NEVER allowed to meet. The combination would be so horrifyingly bad! I will post some of our latest on my blog for you LOL

  2. What a goof! It’s so funny he just gets out of bed. I don’t Annika would EVER get out of bed and sneak around like that! Now Bianca, she’s another story. That’s why she’s in a crib still!

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