August OPAM… here we go! {BEFORE}

At 8:30pm last night our bathroom, disgustingly, looked like this….

A hole in the water damaged linoleum; nasty cream colored wallpaper with green diamonds; water damaged wall with peeling wallpaper and mold behind it; an old vanity and mirror with drawers that don’t like to open smoothly and one side of the mirror doesn’t close all the way; a missing vent fan cover; and an ivory toilet with a white toilet seat. Beautiful.

And just 3 hours later it looked like this:

Here is a little glimpse into the future bathroom..

We bought an espresso colored vanity with a white sink; an espresso mirrored medicine cabinet; satin nickel faucet, hardware, and lighting; a new white toilet; sandy colored tile; and the wall color will be the middle one…. Smoke Infusion by Valspar.

I can’t WAIT to have it finished.

  1. Oh I love the expresso vanity! You are so brave for going dark, i love it! And the other colors coordinate so well! That house is going to look so awesome when you are done! What a steal!! So glad you have the H house! πŸ™‚

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