Interview update…. still dragging on

I thought my interview went really well.

I arrived and realized it was in the board room… which in my eyes pretty much resembles a court room. Seven people were up on a podium like stage, sitting in a semi circle and I was to sit there… smack dab in the middle of the room like I was on trial. I was on trial, wasn’t I?

I fumbled the first few questions (like… “What does literacy look like in a kindergarten classroom”…. uh… buh…duh…. word wall… uh centers… uh…. guided reading…. yeah… BOMB), but then I relaxed and started pulling out stories and examples and I got lots of nods and smiles and chuckles and they were googly-eyeing eachother. And then I answered the question “Why should we hire you over the other candidates” and the principal said “WOW…. that is the best answer I’ve heard! I’m quoting you on that” (as she wrote it in her notes).

So I walked out of the ‘court room’ feeling pretty confident and hoping that I’d be hearing good news later that night (they said they’d call tonight as orientation was tomorrow).

Well, I got out to my car and it was 8:05. My interview was at 8pm… but I actually got in there around 7:50. Remember they said it’d be half an hour? Either I answered really quickly or they rushed me out of there or they loved me and needed to hear no more.

I was now in suspense…. I THOUGHT I did well, but why the heck was the interview only 15 minutes long?

I waited and waited at home, my stomach churning. I really really want this position! The phone rang at 10:10 and here’s the verdict…

As of right now they aren’t filling the position.

What the heck?

They said that I was very impressive and that they are having a hard time picking one candidate over the other and I’m one of the ones they really like. They are thinking of doing second round interviews on Monday and if they do I’ll be included and will be notified on Sunday.

So… I’m not sure if they’re hoping to come to a concensus this weekend on who to hire, or if they just plan to do second interviews. I don’t know. And, see… our Open Houses are on Wednesday night…. WEDNESDAY. So how is a person supposed to set up a whole kindergarten classroom and get things ready for the Open House in just 2 days? Yeiks.

Wish me luck. I hope that they decide they want me!


  1. Most teacher interviews have a panel, it is very intimidating!! 15 minutes is extremely short IMO, but it Sounds like you did great though. I hope you get another chance to win them over 🙂

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