Could this much good really happen?

I got a call tonight for an interview for a kindergarten position in my school district. The interview is tomorrow evening and they have to have someone hired TOMORROW so they can attend orientation on Friday.

I’m psyched. I’m nervous. I’m excited and hopeful and doubtful and anxious and terrified all at once. My principal and another co-worker from my building will be on the committee (there are usually 5-8 people on the interview committee for teaching positions) as well as the other elementary principals. I am afraid of looking like an a$$ in front of my boss and co-worker, and afraid I won’t get this position.

I mean, honestly…. can much more good really happen to us? We had a healthy baby, bought a new car, bought the house of our dreams (along with lots of work!), Ryan gets a promotion and now I might possibly get a full time position that I’ve been wanting for the past 3 years? Really? REALLY? Could all this happen at the same time?

I’m pretty doubtful… I’ve had an interview or two or 6 or 8 before and I always hear “You did great, but we hired someone with more experience.” (That’s my line…) I’m fully prepared to hear it again, but I’m also so geeked to think that I could have a full time position if I pull it off.

Please pray that I don’t choke in the interview… that they ask me questions that I can answer smartly (omg does that sound dumb!)…. that they connect with me as a person and can see me working with their team…. that I get this chance…. that just one more good thing could happen for us this summer. Just one more….


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