Labor Day Weekend

This weekend went by way too fast.

We camped Saturday night at Ry’s parents seasonal campground. Lori, Don and the girls joined us. We had a great time- took lots of pictures (as usual). Went for a couple boat rides, had a campfire complete with smores, played a little bocce ball with the kids and in general just hung out and relaxed and had fun.

Today was a lot less relaxing. We woke up to piles of laundry which I began tackling at the crack of dawn. Ryan went out to mow the lawn and then got sidetracked and began organizing the garage (which has barely been touched since we moved). I painted the trim in the bathroom while continuing with laundry, keeping track of Porter and Hudson and helping Ryan out. After Porter went down for a nap I had my grandma come over to play with Hudson (I felt bad neglecting him) while I cleaned the apartment above the garage (we might have someone renting it… and it was disgusting as we hadn’t touched it at all since we moved). Well, grandma came over and instead of Hudson being awake, he went back to sleep and Porter was up! Anyhow… I got a good start on cleaning the apartment (think: our bathrooms/kitchen before we cleaned, only maybe worse??) and god bless her- my grandma is going to come over tomorrow and finish it up. I did about 5 or 6 loads of laundry which Ry put away tonight. OH! Ryan also grouted the bathroom tile- it looks so nice. I took “After” pictures, but for some reason my computer isn’t recognixing my little SD card (but it recognizes my CF cards?) so I’ll have to post them later.

I go back to work tomorrow! I’m excited- I really need a break from Porter. I’ve said it before: I’m a much better (more patient!) mom when I work. I was also thrilled to find out they’re bringing me back in the afternoons this year, so I’ll be working M-Th full days. I’m really excited about that as I did enjoy my afternoon position with the 3rd graders. So, tonight I spent some time getting bags/lunches packed for tomorrow and have all of our clothes laid out. I think I’m definitely going to have to be more organized this year getting ready for work with 2 kids. Hopefully I can keep on top of things!

Well, I’m going to attempt to scrapbook a few pages and then hit the hay. Here are a few pictures from our weekend:

(And, I know I’ll get asked this…. the light in their eyes…. seriously these three girls have the most reflective blue eyes! I really nave no tricks or tips to give out- other than just to watch the lighting and angles)

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