Work, Bathroom, Sleeping, Etc

I finally stopped being lazy and plugged in my card reader to upload pics from my point and shoot memory card. For some reason my computer isn’t recognizing the card and letting me load the pictures.

Go figure.

Computer + Nicole = Disaster

Well, I WAS going to post some pictures of the bathroom but I realized that most of the pictures are blurry (taken at night with no flash… low shutter speed) so I’m going to have to wait. And now that I’m looking at them I want to clean the tile a bit more so it looks perrrfect. It still has a bit of haze on it from the grout. I think the tile and the vanity are my favorite parts of the room. I’m so glad we didn’t go with the cheap tile like we were going to. It looks so much nicer. Although, the grout did turn out a bit lighter than I envisioned. I’m sure it’ll be fine, and it doesn’t look bad- its just a little lighter than I pictured. And, of course, its the grout color I was adamant about having and so sure that it was perfect. Go figure.

For now, though, here’s a little peek.

We still need to finish these things and it’ll be done:

  • buy bamboo shade for the window
  • put up baseboard (not much of it)
  • put on door
  • buy fixtures: toilet paper holder, towel bar and… I think that’s it?
  • figure out light above vanity/medicine cabinet mirror. We bought one we both love, but the mirror is so big there isn’t much room above it between it and the ceiling. Not sure what we’re doing about that.
  • Figure out what to put on the wall above toilet. Preferably something to hide the damn light switch in the middle of the wall. Who the hell….

On to new subjects…

Work is going great. I’ve been exhausted from the new schedule and actually having to DO something all day. Ryan’s on a new work schedule, 8-5, and I can’t emphasize how AWESOME it has been to have him home in the mornings. We’ve gotten into this great little routine before and after work. Next week he’ll be working 7-4 so that’s going to throw us for a loop, but I’m sure it’ll still work out. He used to work 6-3, so Porter was all mine in the mornings. I had to get up and get ready and take care of him. Its been great to have Ryan home to help out and to have an extra pair of hands. Not to mention its nice to be able to see him in the mornings as well. I thought I’d dread him getting home from work “so late” but really its been great. I get the kids home and we play for a bit and I start dinner around 5. Ry’s home shortly after and then he takes the kids in the playroom or just occupies them/spends time with them while I get dinner ready. Then its clean up, hang out for a bit, get kids off to bed and relax for a few hours.

Hudson… oh Hudson. He went about a week and a half of sleeping through the night- about 8pm to 7am… but the past few nights he’s been up around 3am for a bottle. Grr. Other than that he’s still the same ol’ ball of grinning drool. He’s been drooling a ton for the past few weeks, and chewing on everything. Not sure if he’s teething (isn’t this early? P didn’t get a tooth till 5.5 months old) or what.

Porter has been… well, Porter. He’s still cracking me up with things he says. I wish I could get it on video but when I get out the camera he turns into a weirdo and starts with this baby talk and acting like a terror throwing his toys. Its like stage fright or something… like a nervous behavior. Weird. He’s constantly cracking us up, though, and I need to write down these things he says. However, if I did I’m sure I’d fill a book already. I’m amazed at how much/well he’s talking. He says the most inquisitive things, and he’s able to verbalize things so well. I guess I’ll do bullets and highilght some funnies

  • We were cleaning out the garage and he saw his dolphin swing. He says to me “Should we put this up out there? Mama. Maybe we should put this up.”
  • At LeeAnn’s, her dog Rocky was getting in Porter’s face. He told him “Rocky, get out of my LIFE!” OMG. Not sure where he picked that up… I’ve told him a few times to get out of my face (yeah, proud parent moments there) but get out of my life… not sure LOL!
  • The other day Ryan was in P’s room and Porter was totally narrating his room for him. He was like “This is my cloooooset. (points to closet) This is my faaaan. (points to fan) And this is my bunk beds. (points to bunk beds).” Then he stood in the middle of his room and shrugged his shoulders and said “This is my room. Its just my room.”
  • I can’t think of any more, although I swear there are so many things in the past week we’ve cracked up about. I’ll just have to add those later.

He’s doing great with potty training. He’s wearing underwear most of the day, with the exception of naps and bedtime. LeeAnn did put him to bed today without a diaper (because I forgot to pack him one!) and he did have an accident before falling asleep but woke up dry. We still have about an accident a day or so, but so far so good. He does the potty thing pretty much on his own- he knows when to go, he goes by himself and most of the time he empties his little potty all by himself (not that I prefer him to, but usually he’s a bit ahead of me before I get to the bathroom to help).

A few pics of P and R wrestling after dinner…

  1. Nic, The bathroom is gorgeous. I wanted to suggest that instead of a regular towel bar that you consider a bar with hooks on it to hang the towels. I have them in all of my bathrooms and I can dry five towels at a time, as well as being easy to put on there.

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