Settling in

Every day I thank God for our new house… I love it so much. WE love it so much. Its perfect for us and I am not sure I could have asked for a home that was any more “us” than this one. We love the floorplan, it is in a great area- pretty rural yet very near town, our neighbors are nice, it has lots of room to expand and it has just the perfect amount of work to do to make it “ours.”

Our house is right across the road from the High School track. Throughout the summer (ok, the past 2 months) we’ve been able to hear the cheerleaders and the marching band practicing. I worried that it would be disturbing but it hasn’t bothered us a bit. Now that school has started, the football team has been practicing and we’ve kind of had front row seats. Porter really enjoys standing at our door and peering over at the big boys as they practice. Thursday night was the first home game for the freshman team and I was happy to see that the noise was not bothersome at all.

Last night I came downstairs to see Porter watching the game from the door- hands in pockets and all. So cute. The next time there is a home game we plan to take him there. And… even more of a bonus- the high school has a swimming pool and in the evenings there is open swim. I’m hoping to make a weekly or bi-weekly trip over there with Porter- it’ll almost be like having our own indoor pool!

  1. Isn’t it so great to be “home!?!” We feel the same way about our new house too:) And we are very close to our high school too and can hear the band practice all the time. I love it!

  2. I am so glad that you love your new home! It was a rough ride, but the destination sounds great. Love that you have the pool so close!

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