Sale and race weekend

Today was the first day of our garage sale. So far, so good. I wish we would get rid of some of the big stuff but hopefully tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning I’m running in a 5k race with LeeAnn and Tony. I’m a bit nervous. I am not exactly prepared/trained for this race, but I’m going to attempt it anyway. I’m excited about it- it’ll be my first race. We’re hoping to do another one in Ann Arbor at the end of the month (where you end up running through the UofM stadium tunnel and finish the race on the 50 yard line- how fun!) and after that about a race a month.

Porter and Lukas are going to be running as well- some of the races have Kiddy Dashes and tomorrow there is a 200M race that the boys are going to run in. We’ll see how that goes! I hope Porter ends up liking running- it’d be fun to have something to do with him as he grows up. And God knows the kid has enough energy to burn! He’s the perfect candidate!

So… here are just a few pictures from today.

Hudson has got to be teething. The kid is a drool factory- he soaked his shirt front AND back today. He chews on everything.

H and daddy- just got home from work.

Fall is obviously just around the corner… the tree in our front yard is already beginning to turn colors and fall! We spent a little time sweeping our driveway (we have a couple pine trees along one side which is kind of annoying, although the shade is welcomed!). Porter kept calling it “hay”. Here he is, raking the hay.
And pestering Boo Boo
And a few boo boos of their own…. somehow we ended up with two scraped knees and a scraped up toe today.
And Miss Aubs… isn’t she the cutest?

  1. Great pictures! I love the one of hudson in the bumbo! Ok since I am way behind on commenting on your posts I’m going to comment just once. Great job on the race! I have my 10 mile in like 3 weeks and I have been slacking big time in training!AS for the garage sale ho, well those peeps are crazy. Garage saling is serious business, well around here it is anyway!I hope you get lots of scrapping done this weekend and the kiddos cooperate!

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