House accessories/color help needed

Ok…here’s the deal. Our front door has two door knobs. When the house was taken by the bank they probably just took the deadbolt and instead replaced it with a cheap door knob so that the door had a lock. See exhibit A.

The screen door handle on the front door is also broken. It works, but pieces are missing and it has parts that are all jiggly and loose. And, they’re bright brass, which I really dislike. So, we are using our garage sale money to buy new door knobs.

Now, seems like a simple process, right? Well… not quite. I need to look at the whole picture- we don’t plan on keeping the door green (well, actually we’ll probably replace the front door sometime in the far future, but for now paint will be an easy fix). Painting the door means painting our shutters- which we want to do because our neighbors house is very similar in style to ours and is the exact same colors (minus the brick on the front).

We originally thought we’d do black door and black shutters. I like the black/tan look and up here we rarely see that color combo (it seems like EVERY house has hunter green or burgundy shutters). Now, a black door means I’d pretty much get an aged bronze door handle or satin nickel. I really like satin nickel fixtures, so we figured we’d go with that.

Now… I also LOVE the oil rubbed bronze fixtures… you know the black ones that look a little distressed and have a reddish brown showing through? But… I couldn’t do black handle/fixtures and a black door.

And then our front door has this white colonial style trim around the door as well as a white screen door. (I’m not a big fan of screen doors covering pretty, decorative doors, but we like to leave the doors open and let the breeze in so we do use our screen door a lot in the summer).

Will the colonial style trim and the screen door look ok with the black door and satin nickel handle? We’d also get a satin nickel light as well, I think. Does satin nickel look ok on a tan house?

I’m so unsure! I’m just not sure about colors and hardware and all that. We don’t plan on painting the shutters until the spring (maybe- we have like 22 pair of shutters we’d have to paint!), so its not like its a huge deal right now, but I figured I’d better make sure the satin nickel handle we bought will look ok with the “end results.” And what better place to get an opinion than here on the blog!

So… please fire away. Give me ideas… colors, hardware metals etc…. (I’ve tried searching for house styles like ours… which I found is called a “Garrison Colonial”… but still haven’t found anything that really catches my eye)

The front door has like black metal inside the glass. Does that matter when deciding on what kind of handle to get?
Here are the two door handles we bought… which do you prefer? (they are a satin nickel… they kind of look brass here, but they’re not).

  1. I think the satin nickel will look fine with black door and tan house. I’m gonna be different and say that I like the one on the left. Maybe because it is two seperate pieces and i can envision that one replacing the other in my mind. The one on the right just seems to “hang below” the fixture itself.. Does that make sense?? Probably not. not sure how to describe it to ya. But it might look good on. I guess Id have to see it actually on a door.

  2. I think the satin nickel will look great! I like the one on the right because it doesn’t look as “boxy”. It adds some curve and dimensions to all the square shapes of the house.You guys are doing such an amazing job with this house. Whenever we buy a house, I am definately coming to you for some “how to” tips.

  3. If it were me, I would do the Black door and Black shutters with a satin nickel door knob. And I really like the door knob on the left. Black and Tan – looks so good together and with the satin nickel on the front door very elegant. I think oil rubbed bronze would disapear on the front door. BTW Your house is looking Awesome!

  4. I love satin nickel. I think the black on tan with the nickel will look great 🙂 And I’m voting for the more square looking door knob on the left.

  5. I vote black door/shutters with satin nickel handle on the right…it mimicks the round part of the door. We have a black door satin nickel hardware and tan siding and it looks great!

  6. I like the satin nickel look (my fave)I think the one on the right that is oval shaped would look nice, the look would flow nice with the oval window in the door.

  7. I love the look of black for doors and shutters. I would have done it to my house along time ago if I wasn’t so lazy about having to paint the shutters=) I think the brushed nickel would look great, too!

  8. I like the left one. I am going to be heading your way next Friday to see Leslie and Reyna. I will bring that black metal wall decoration I was telling you about with me so Leslie can give it to you if you still want it!

  9. The curved set will go really well with the curve of the window in the door. I agree with everyone that said black and tan with the brushed nickel will look very classy! Can’t wait to see the final product.

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