Friday Night Fogeys

Its way late, and I should be in bed but I thought I’d recap the day.

Porter was up last night sick- poor kid. He kept heaving and spitting/puking up phlegmy-ness. He’s had a stuffed nose lately and I think its draining. We didn’t have a good night, that’s for sure.

I spent my day trying to clean the house… going through three totes of fall/winter clothes for Hudson- mostly 6-12 month stuff which is going to be huge on him but I have SO MUCH of it I don’t want to go spend money on 3-6 month stuff for just the next month or two. I need to go buy more hangers….

Ryan got home from work and I ran to the grocery store before he left for out of town. He and Jade went to West Lafayette, IN to the Purdue/Oregon game with some friends from St. Louis. I’m excited for him that he’s finally getting to do a “guys weekend” and have a little fun. He’s been working so hard the past year with school, the new house, his new job etc… he deserves a little fun. I hope he has a great weekend.

I had big plans for my weekend home alone but as it always goes— kids have to pull out some twists in plans. With Porter being sick last night Les and Reyna stayed home tonight and are coming over in the morning to stay tomorrow (which I’m so excited about… and Les is even going to make me my first cup of coffee on Sunday morning, aren’t you! LOL! HAHA!). I was nervous to stay the night in (my very own) house alone… this big house creeps me out. Well, Maria and Missy stopped by earlier in the evening and LeeAnn came over to hang out with me until about midnight. We made chocolate chip cookies. And margaritas. YUM!

We are dorks- instead of scrapping like we had originally planned, LeeAnn and I ended up stalking people on Facebook and blogs and Myspace. DORKS, I know.

So… its really late and I need to get to bed. We have a playdate planned in the morning- and of course we have a prediction of 100% chance of precipitation, and crazy me invited all of the rsvp’ers over for an inside playdate rather than the original outside plan. Wish me luck!

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