Decor opinions needed

Me again… need more opinions.

So remember that above my couch is this wall collage of photos:The couch faces the fireplace. Originally I had this big mirror propped up horizontally (like this:) but last night I had the idea of maybe putting it vertical, a little off center and add some photos stacked in to imitate the photo collages on the opposing wall.

What do you think? Too much? Would it look better the old way?

(I can’t wait to take out that fireplace insert…. still not sure when we’re doing that, or how, or if we can… anyone know anything about fireplace inserts like that? I don’t care if the fireplace works… I just don’t want to lose heat through the fireplace.)

  1. I kinda like the old way. I like simple.Hey, my company cancelled for tonight too so I’ll be around if you want to chat or IM. I haven’t talked to you in forever!!

  2. Horizontal looks better. The shelving levels and mirror height should stay around the same level from the ceiling to keep the flow and balance in the room.But it’s nicely put together either way.

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