P is for Porter. And Potty-Trained.

(OMG… freeze…. Porter is downstairs and Hudson is in the swing. Porter is saying “Hey, H. Riley! H. Riley… get that outta your mouth” HAHA! We sometimes call Hudson that… so funny that Porter picked up on it).

Anyhow… when Porter stayed with Aunt Lori last month, she made him this “P” for him to put all his stickers on when he went potty. She said she wanted to see it all filled up. I’d say this is pretty darn close. (we really haven’t been giving him stickers for going potty EVERY time. Its more sporadic since he pretty much does the potty thing himself… so when he reminds us he needs a sticker, he gets one).

Porter is probably 90% potty trained, I’d say. He wears underwear all day except for bedtime. Yes… he has been napping sans diaper and he’s doing great. We haven’t had an accident in… hmm.. I think since Tuesday? I’m so so proud of him! We took a picture of Porter and his P for Aunt Lori to see.

(Oh, now Porter just said “I’m going downstairs to see H. Riley.” Gweeb.)

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