Glorified plan for the weekend:

Ry’s away having a great time with the guys, tailgating, watching the game, spending a few days child-free.

Nicole’s home with the kids but no big deal- Leslie and Reyna are staying the weekend so we’ll have great fun every moment of the day, a “girls weekend with kids”. I’ll have a playdate with some mommy friends today, and after bedtime some girlfriends will come over to scrapbook.

Reality plan for the weekend:

Ryan’s plans take of a-ok.

Nicole’s home with two kids, one of which is snot nosed, sick and nauseous. His “belly hurts” and he “has junk in his belly” (says he…). He’s thrown up once. (my mom thinks he has a sinus infection… and of course I failed to take him to the doc yesterday thinking it was “just as seasonal cold”). Its pouring rain outside.

Girls weekend with kids: Cancelled
Playdate: Cancelled
Invitation to the Treehouse: Declined



  1. Boo!Doesn’t sound all that different than my weekend though… minus the sick kid!We’ve decided to just hole up in the house watching movies and doing projects all day. It’s too sickeningly humid outside waiting for all these storms from Ike to come up here for us to be outside, so we’re so we’re pretending it’s a rained in kind of veg in front of the tv day!Hope P’s feeling better and you enjoy can yourself at least a bit!

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