My side of TFT

I feel better. I was feeling like a bad mom because my kid knows what beer is.

Anyhow… my answers…

Yes, we drink occasionally in front of Porter… as in a beer or margarita here or there. And we’ll occasionally have a few drinks after the kids are in bed if we have company over.

Ryan had a beer the other night with dinner and Porter wanted him to sit by him and said “Move your beer over here and sit by me, daddy.” It just sounded…. ehhh.

So I was just questioning… eww… do I want my kid to know what beer is? That its an adult drink? But I think I completely agree with your replies…. if they know its an adult drink and if its something that is a part of our life (regardless of how occasional) then be open about it and remove the mystery of it. Good thoughts, bloggers!


  1. You’re SO not a bad mom!!!! It’s good Porter knows what beer is. Every family is different. I was always around drinkers growing up. HUGE polish family. HUGE crazy family parties. Some families don’t drink and that’s okay too. It’s not like you’re going to stop what is normal for your life… and you shouldn’t. You don’t get crazy drunk with your children… and you are smart about. There’s the difference! You are a good mom… you like to have a beer now and again! I agree with whoever commented that she drinks more now that she’s a mom. Amen to that sister!

  2. I agree with you (and other commenters) that drinking around your kids (in moderation, of course), is okay. I also think it’s a good way to set an example for how grown-ups can enjoy an “adult beverage” responsibly and in moderation.So cute how Porter said “bring your beer and sit by me!” I can see how hearing it from your two year old might make you cringe though. If Ryan had been drinking OJ Porter probably would have said “bring your orange juice and sit by me”…he’s probably just showing his vast knowledge of vocabulary:) If it makes you feel any better, one morning my 17 month old got up, came into the living room, saw his dad’s empty beer can from the night before, pointed to it, and said “dada!” And I thought uh-oh, he already knows dada drinks beer! Oh well- it’s our reality I guess.

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