What a weekend…

I’m exhausted and surprisingly we really haven’t done that much this weekend (or so it seems). Here’s a little recap:

Michigan Center’s 50th Anniversary Homecoming. We skipped the parade (Hudson was being surprisingly fussy and Ryan worked late), but Porter and I snuck down to the track to see a few of the floats while Hudson was sleeping. Later, Jane and Grace came over to attempt to scrapbook. Jane got a few pages done despite Grace not sleeping. I barely managed one page. I talk too much.

I hosted a spur of the moment Cheeky Monkeys playdate (Hey! If you’re in the Jackson area and are looking for a Mom and Tot group… come join!). LeeAnn, MacKenzie and Koleen are the only Monkeys who were able to join us, but it was nice to chat with other moms for the morning.

All 4 of us took naps in the afternoon and for dinner we headed to Ry’s parents house (so weird to type… do I change to Ry’s dad’s house?!) because Lori, Don and the girls were in town for the day. We took advantage of the gorgeous weather and played some kickball in the yard and swung on the swings.

Today was exhausting. I had lots planned for the day- yard work etc. We got a ton of yard work done…. I lopped off most of our ugly box bushes in the front yard (I’ve been told if I cut them low they’ll grow back fuller next year… if not, we’ll be in the market for new landscaping which is a-ok with me). Ryan trimmed up other trees/hedges around the yard and I pulled up some groundcover vine in the landscaping. My arms are SORE.

We also got to chat with 3 of our 4 neighbors. I love that our house is central to our nearest neighbors. We have two on the sides of us and two neighbors behind us (although we all live on the same road).

Kathy, the neighbor behind us who has a 9 year old and a 4 year old, stopped by to say hi and quickly catch up as we haven’t had a chance to meet up since we’ve moved in. We’d discussed a neighborhood pot luck but both of us have been busy.

The other neighbors behind us, whose yard is literally right behind our row of trees/overgrown bushes, was out in the yard with their kids on the trampoline. Their little girl, Kennedy is 4 and son Eian is 2. Porter walked back to say hi, which turned into us chatting in their yard while the kids played on the tireswing and trampoline. Which turned into her kids exploring our yard and then us inviting them over to check out the house. We then realized Kennedy and Porter had taken off back to their house so we walked over there to get the tour of their house (they just built last year).

After naptime we were STILL out in the yard doing yardwork and Eian was at the path looking like he wanted to play so we invited him over to play in the sandbox. The neighbor beside us invited Zoey (our dog) over to play with their German Shepherd, Gracie, and then Porter wandered over to the Kelley’s (behind us) to play with Kennedy again. It was like a child/dog swap! Its nice that our neighbors behind us have kids our kids’s age… I think it’ll be so fun for them to grow up and play together. Just after today I got a glimpse of how fun it’ll be to be able to have our kids run next door to play or have them over in our yard. We’re far enough off the road that traffic is nowhere near a concern, and since both of our families were out doing yardwork we just let the kids flit back and forth through the little path Ryan made between our yards.

I’m exhausted… I know tomorrow my arms are going to be killing me.

Here are a few other pictures…. of, well, mostly Hudson 🙂 I forget to take pictures of him because Porter does so much more than he does at this stage…he just kind of sits there… poor kid isn’t documented as much. I’ve been trying these past few days to take more pictures of him.

Both Ryan’s dad, my mom and my grandma stopped by today. My grandma had Hudson absolutely busting up.. it was so cute. He has got to be teething… the kid was trying to shove his entire fist in his mouth. He was shoving and laughing and giggling and drooling. So cute.

  1. Hudson looks so big to me all the sudden!!! I mean, it’s not like I see him a lot in person, but in pictures. That last one… his huge eyes. OMG! What a cutie… have to get our babies together!!! So sorry I missed Saturday… Ally had a soccer game!

  2. HAHA! Either you talk too much or I do. Thats okay, we will have to try again without my crazy head running around and we will shut up every once in a while to get some work done.Love the pics of Ryan and Hudson- so sweet. I really need to start taking more pictures with multiple people instead of just Grace :)That is so cool you like your neighbors. That is how I grew up, playing with all the neighbor kids. So fun.

  3. Love the pictures. Hudson’s eyes remind me of Lori’s girls eyes. I don’t think that you should stop calling their house “Ry’s parents house.” It is their house. It does sound funny just saying his dad’s house. Sorry I had to miss the playdate. Hope you had fun. TAlk to you later.

  4. You busy girl! I wish I had the hours in a day to get that much accomplished! I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles with taking pics of their 2nd (and 3rd) kids – it’s difficult when all they do is sleep! :o)Hudson is a cutie though! He’s looking less like Porter I think.

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