Happy October!

I’ve been trying to get into decorating for fall/Halloween… I thought I’d document how we’re coming along in that department. My sister was picking on me today because I have not a single thing outside my house. We’re going to the apple orchard/pumpkin patch next Saturday so we’ll have to decorate our front walk with some pumpkins.

This little sign… I’m not sure where to put it….

  1. Very pretty! We took out our halloween decorations yesterday too. I had to laugh…I was looking at your mantle trying to figure out why you had a framed photo of a ceiling fan. DUH it’s a mirror! Sometimes it takes me a minute to “get” it!

  2. Thanks for giving me some tips for decorating! I really appreciate it. I didn’t even think you were reading my blog, because you never comment. (What’s up with that, anyway? ; ) I love Halloween, so I am determined to decorate this year. So far, we just have a sign that lights up outside, and some pumpkin lights and pumpkins on our mantle, but I plan to do more.

  3. I LOVE IT! I’m not too Excited about decorating my house this year after all of the un-packing, moving and decorating that I have already done. But… I am sure that I will eventually change my mind and bring it all out. Where dod you get those hanging lanterns? They are so Cute!

  4. I need you to come and do my house. You know Do it with paint and all those touches – I just don’t have that gift at all. And the picture in your banner is amazing – love it.

  5. Cute stuff!!! I was thinking about doing my decorations today…but I am having a hard time getting motivated to do it. We are still unpacking and my mantle is the only thing that looks good right now. LOL. I walked in and decorated it right away because I needed something nice to look at while we unpacked and made a mess! I think we will take the kids to get pumpkins today. They have been begging. Maybe that will get me in the mood! Your post got me thinking and wanting to get it out….now I just need a kick in the butt!Hey……talk to Leslie and come visit me! 🙂

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