I’ve been attempting to grow Porter’s hair out.. you know, like… well… hell I googled images but can’t find one that I’m trying to describe. Anyhow…you know… longer, shaggy, a bit wavy.

Well, I just can’t get past that inbetween stage. I swear… it was driving me nuts. He looked so… overgrown.

At work this afternoon I was testing some 3rd graders and found myself pondering one kids haircut…. “it looks a little overgrown… like the sides need to be trimmed. Like…. Porters.” And then when another class walked by I found myself studying all the boys’ haircuts.

Ok… when HAIRCUTS on your TWO YEAR OLD are taking over your work day… time to cut it. So, I busted out the clippers (aka “bulldozer who likes to eat hair”) and shaved him up. Its a little short… but oh well!

Aww… now that I’m looking at these pictures, I miss those long shaggy locks! Might have to attempt this again…

  1. Sawyer got the clippers last night too! Only his wasn’t nearly as shaggy as P’s. I think we cut Sawyer’s hair every two-three weeks!! I say we… I mean Ryan :)I like the clean cut look. Much easier and always in place!

  2. amazing how much different they look when they get their hair cut. i have been swearing that she’ll be 12 before i can bring myself to cut off the curls 🙂

  3. HAHA Precisely why M is getting his cut tonight. It was looking so cute, longer with waves but then all of a sudden, it got BIG like a big puffball! I’m tired of wetting it down now so snip snip!

  4. he looks cute no matter what! tucker does shaggy once in a while, but usually it’s because i can get him in to get it cut soon enough – i’m too scared to cut in on my own! lol!

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