August OPAM… its about time! {AFTER}

It seems like ages ago I posted our BEFORE pictures of our bathroom. Our bathroom has been finished for awhile, but we’ve been doing all the finishing touches (like toilet paper roll and towel rack… way overpriced but a gift from Ryan’s Uncle Vince when he came to visit… THANK YOU Uncle Vince!) and matching towels etc.

We still have the trim to put up (but there’s so little of it that you barely notice) and Ryan is going to put up crown molding (yes!). I also need to do something above the toilet… I was thinking a black/espresso shelf (Target has them on sale this week… ) and maybe a vase or picture or something? What do you think?

Our light… *sigh*… we had a different light picked out and purchased but when we went to put it up, it was too large for the space above the medicine cabinet. I’m not sure if I went with an exceptionally large medicine cabinet or what, but if we installed it we pretty much wouldn’t have been able to change the light bulbs. So, after searching extensively online and finding nothing that I loved and that was below $150, I found this at Lowe’s and decided it was *ok*. Its just a light… right?

  1. Is that a fan on the ceiling or just a light? I can’t really tell from the picture, but it looks like it might not be truly flush to the ceiling with those ball spacers in there so I was wondering if it was some fancy new fan since that’s where the fan went I’m assuming?

  2. Very nice! Those before pictures need a soundtrack with scary music, because yikes, that was frightening! You guys did a great job.

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