Brrr… Baby It’s Cold Inside…..

Before we bought our house, we knew we’d need maintenance done to our boiler system (we have hot water heating aka baseboard or radiant heating). Its been getting cold here in Michigan (often down to the 40’s at night) and our house has been FREEZING (64* inside!).

We had the maintenance company come out yesterday and $685 later our system is up and running. Now, we have two thermostats- one controls downstairs and one controls upstairs. Last night the upstairs was still cold, but the downstairs felt normal so, when I went to bed I set the upstairs thermostat to 70*. I woke up this morning… its 62* upstairs. BRRR! I’ve already called the company to come back… I paid $90/hour for this guy to work on our boiler for 3.5 hours… I’d expect for the entire thing to work!

Our downstairs feels decent- its only off by like 2* or so, which I’m assuming is normal. I hope they don’t charge us ANOTHER service call and MORE labor! Yeiks!

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