Today was utterly exhausting. I have been go go go since I woke this morning— which I should mention was before 7am thank-you-very-much-Porter.

  • Had a session in Jackson with a 3 month old and 2 year old.
  • Went to the hospital to see our newest niece, Addisen Elyse, who is absolutely gorgeous
  • Arrived back home just seconds after Ry’s dad and Lori, Don and the girls pulled into our driveway
  • Packed up in 2 vehicles and headed to Flavor Fruit Farms
  • Ate hot dogs, donuts, looked at the animals, contemplated doing lots of things (bounce house, corn maze, balloon hats, pony ride…) but were exhausted by the heat (it was near 80 here today) and the mass swarm of people and the sheer insanity of my we-decided-to-let-him-skip-his-nap toddler.

  • We then headed to ANOTHER pumpkin patch, Adams Farm Market, and filled up 4 wags with pumpkins. We love Adams. No crowds. Laid back. Relaxing. Kids run wild in the pumpkin patch and its OK and FUN for them.

  • Came back to our house and attempted to play outside but even after fogging we couldn’t because the mosquitos are so terrible right now. :*(
  • Made dinner for everyone- in which I realized I suck at beign a host. I never plan things very well. Must improve this quickly… especially since we’re hosting Thanksgiving.
  • Spent the rest of the eaving playing crowd control for the 4 kids. Someone was constantly needing to be scolded or soothed or something or other.
  • Finally got Porter in bed at 9pm… way past his bedtime. Especially for not having a nap.

I have pictures… but my computer is being slow and Photoshop is taking forever. I’ll add them later.

  1. I am tired just READING all that. Did you guys have fun last night at Archiver’s? Oh how I wish I could join you. My hubby is home for 3 days so we had a date night tonight…a much needed date night.

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