This is one for chapters…

CHAPTER 1: Getting Boo’ed
When we came downstairs this morning we found a bag on our front doorstep. Porter was so excited and was saying “Someone BOO’ed me! I got Boo’ed!” Of course all day he kept asking for candy…. yay. LOL!

CHAPTER 2: Setting the stage with pumpkins
We put our pumpkins out on our front walk today. (Thank you, Dave, for buying them for us yesterday!) I am going for this kind of look, but I think I’ll need to pick up more smaller, squattier pumpkins and stack some along the walk to achieve something similar to that picture.

CHAPTER 3: My boys. My sweet, sweet boys
After a not-so-hot session yesterday (I hate sessions that don’t go so well… they’re bound to happen now and then but I seriously hate how it crushes my ambition!) I decided to bust out the camera and take a few shots of my kiddos. Hudson was in a great mood so I called Porter up to join him. P threw a fit for about 10 minutes because he wanted to keep playing in the basement. By the time I got him upstairs and stopped his tantrum, Hudson was whiny and done with being my little model. Go figure.

CHAPTER 4: Wine tasting
LeeAnn invited me along with a few of her friends to go wine tasting. I’d never been, and I really had no idea what kind of wine I liked. figured it’d be nice to know a few wines I like and keep some on hand. We went to 3 wineries… St. Julian, Cherry Creek and Sandhill Crane Vineyards.

At St. Julian we were allowed 6 samples. I tried a St. J Merlot ’05 (YUCK), Concord Wine (pretty good), Blue Heron (ok), Sauterne (too pineapple-y); White Heron (ok) and St. J Riesling ’06(so-so). I didn’t buy anything here.

At Cherry Creek, I liked all 3 wines I tasted. I tried Summer Breeze, a white wine. And I tried Cranberry Passion, a fruit wine. And I ended up purchasing Rosies Rose’ (which also has a cute label!).

Our third stop (which ended up being our last) was the Sandhill Crane Vineyard. They let you sample every wine on their list… they start at the dry and end up at the dessert wines. I have found I don’t like dry wines. I like a few of the semi-dry and I loved 2 of the dessert wines. We tasted over 20 wines at this winery… by the end I was feeling flushed and definitely not wanting to hit up the fourth planned winery! My favorite wines here were the Heriloom Apple, Blushing Crane, CraneBerry and Raspberry. Of course after tasting the CraneBerry, I realized it was $30/bottle and I really hadn’t planned to spend anything at all.

I want to go back for a couples date-night and taste just the wines I gave a thumbs up to and maybe pick up a few bottles of the CraneBerry for Thanksgiving to eat with cheesecake. I seriously have no idea anything about wines… Michelle, maybe you can give some suggestions on kinds that might be up my alley?

CHAPTER 5: More crazy Porter tales
Ryan called me while I was out and said…. “Its a good thing you bought that Flip Video. I used it today. And if I used it, you know I have a good story for you…” Oh sheesh….. Well, turns out I *thought* I had put Porter down for a nap before leaving. Ryan went to get Hudson when he woke from his nap and heard Porter in the guest room. He had drawn all over himself with blue permanant marker. Ry got it on video… Porter kept saying “Because I just had to…”

CHAPTER 6: And now joining us at the big table is…
Hudson is getting to be such a big boy… especially seeing him next to Addisen, who was the same size as him at birth. Its amazing how fast they grow in just a few short months. Hudson was having a rare cranky day- not sure if it is teething or what, but he wanted to be held way too much today. I managed to occupy him while I made dinner, but of course when it was time to eat he wanted to be held. So, I got out Porter’s old booster chair and let Hudson sit in it at the dinner table with us. He did great! I put a blanket in the sides beside him so he didn’t slide to either side. He loved sitting across from Porter- he was entranced by him!

CHAPTER 7: Blog World Meets Real World 2009
I’ve begun organizing the BWMRW 2009 trip. I am so excited for another girls weekend getaway! Now if only my money tree would grow…

  1. Holy Goodness I have a cranky baby so I had to pick chapters to respond to! I love that Porter got “Boo’d” that’s fantastic. The pumpkins look awesome- I was thinking about doing something similar but was concerned that in our community they could be sacrificed to the pumpkin smashing gods. And I don’t believe for one second that you had a bad session – you’re like my hero of photography.

  2. What a fun post to read!The pumpkin set-up looks good. Great photos of the boys.The wine tasting trip sounded like a fun afternoon 🙂 Thanks for the review on Sandhill, never have been there. Cherry Creek & their Cranberry Passion is my fave! Room temp & it is all gone, I mean all good!

  3. Porter getting BOO’D is super sweet! Who doesn’t like to find suprises. I have never been to a winery or wine tasting! I think that sounds like fun! BAD session I doubt it……

  4. Looks like a fun wine tasting day! I’ll send some suggestions when my kids aren’t so damn demanding! The pics of the kids are great, as usual! I sure hope hudson isn’t going through what Bennett did at about 4 months. My happy baby went from happy to crappy and hasn’t returned. I seriously hope he was just having an off day.

  5. What a cute post, love the chapters. I just BOO’d my neighbors, Adam thinks I am off my rocker running around the neighborhood- HA!

  6. Another fun place to go to to try out wines is in Frankenmuth! I’m not sure if you go up there or not… but I was definitely spoiled by growing up about 15 minutes away from it. It’s a fun day regardless of if you taste the wines… there is so much to do-but there is an entire store with wines and beers from all over the place, and they are yummy. It’s where I buy my favorite-a Michigan Cherry wine.Also, I’m looking forward to hopefully joining in on the trip this year… it’ll definitely be something to keep my mind off the deployment! 🙂

  7. I love that look of pumpkins along the porch and walkway! I need to get my butt moving on decorating. I finished the inside of my house but my porch is still bare. And I LOVE the pics of your boys!!!Oh and we are going wine tasting in Greece in a few weeks and I can’t wait. Although, I am with you on having no idea what type of wine I like best. I guess I will have to try them all. 😉

  8. I love your pictures! I’m going to try and take pictures of Ali for our Christmas cards myself… your pics give me good ideas- thanks!

  9. Super cute pics…. Love the pumpkins! I must try that… I also love the chapters:) the 2009 blog trip sounds so fun! I loved seeing pics from last years

  10. I like the chapter idea, something different. I’ve bought that same wine …Rosie’s rose or whatever. Its pretty good! I love all the pictures. Your pumpkins look awesome! Hudson is getting so big!! Its crazy to see him sitting at the table like a human!! haha!

  11. 1. Porter getting “Boo’d” is just too cute! I am trying to get Cooper on board with holidays this year, but he could really care less.2. Your house belongs in a magazine! I love the pumpkins.3. The boys are getting so big and are so handsome!4. That is a lot of wine! I think I am a little tipsy just reading about it!5. Sneaky! I think we have heard the exact same excuse once or twice around here!6. How fun – I bet Hudson was so pleased to be part of the action!

  12. Holy crap…. huge post and too much to talk about! LOL!!!Super super cute new pics of the boys……… now you will have to add some of those to the list to put on the wall of 12. Your front door is so dang cute! I love the door and the brick!!!Wine tasting….all i have to say is YUM!!! Sounds like fun!We got boo’d too! I love it! Someone made us cookies and doorbell ditched us with the ghost picture and instructions! I love that people are making us a part of the neighborhood! We are going to “Boo” tonight!Anyways…fun post…hope you have a great week!

  13. Yahoo is so un-user friendly (in my case) that I cannot get in to it!! Too frustrated to keep trying at this point…..Hope you all have fun without me! LOL

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