Hudson: 5 months (-3 days)

I am being truly and utterly serious when I say this…


I mean, seriously…. by BABY is 5 months old in 3 days? I’m baffled. Simply baffled.

Hudson had his well baby checkup today (typically its done at 2, 4, 6, 9 months and so on… but for some reason we went at 5 months). He weighed 14lbs 11oz (25th%) and “supposedly” was 27 inches long but I think that’s inaccurate because, really…. we’re short people. Porter is like a whole 33 inches tall at 2.5 years old. And Hudson was only 22 inches long in July. Anyhow… maybe I’ll attempt to remeasure him tonight.

Its pretty funny… when Porter was a baby I felt like SuperMom…. ever doctor’s visit we were the epitome of perfect parents, perfect baby. Porter was ahead of the game with most of his milestones… he rolled at 4 months old, sat at 5 months, crawled at 6 months and was pulling himself up to standing position at 7 months. Hudson, however…. let’s just say I was feeling a bit like a “first time mom” screwing everything up.

It went a bit like this…

Doctor: “So he’s rolling over by now, right?” (everything is phrased as if its obvious)

Me: “Uhm, well, no. He does roll to his side though. Does that count? That counts, right?”

Doctor: “Well, no big deal… we’ve had some babies that didn’t roll over until they were 6 months old”

Me: (thinking: well, we’re about to set the record…. I was hoping you’d say 7 or 8 months was an occasional incidence here….)

Doctor: “So, he’ll stand up on his feet and put weight on his feet?”

Me: “Uhm, well, see… no…. not really… he likes to do this retractable leg thing. So, well, that’d be a no. Its pretty funny, really, want to see?!”

I lifted him up and attempted to get him to halfway stand on his feet. He kind-of puts weight on one foot. For a second.

Doctor: “Well, he is kind of trying to stand. We’ll keep an eye on that, ok? So, he’s sleeping through the night?”

Me: “Yes. Well, no. Not all the time. For the past few weeks he’s been sleeping through the night without needing/wanting a bottle, but he’ll occasionally wake up around 3 or 4 for his sucky to be plugged back in.”

Doctor: “Don’t get into the habit of giving him a bottle at this point… at 3 or 4 months old its still possible that they’ll need a bottle but by this point he does not need any food to sustain him throughout the night. I’d work on getting rid of the pacifier as well… as in, throw them all away. It’ll just turn into a bad habit that’s harder to break later on.”

So at this point I began rambling on and on about all my positive parenting points with PORTER (We did the Ferber method with Porter… he needed to have his butt patted to go to sleep so we cut him off by this point and let him learn to soothe himself. He never had a sucky past 4 months…. He was rolling by 12 weeks… he was so strong and loved to pull himself up!) and how this is my SECOND kid… why am I such a sucker for him and acting like he’s my first kid and I don’t know how to do the tough love parenting thing? I do NOT want to end up with a 9 month old who can’t sleep through the night, or a toddler who’s attached to his sucky or bottle. I had better toughen up or I’m headed for a scary road.

I do love our doctor, and I do pretty much agree with what she’s told me today (he doesn’t NEED to eat in the night…. it won’t kill him to cry himself to sleep…. break the sucky habit now before its a bad habit) but color me crazy I have a hard time doing this stuff with Hudson. WHY? I think its because he’s such a happy, easy baby that its hard for me to not want to do something for him, to baby/spoil him with SOMETHING because honestly, the kid barely asks for a thing all day.

Anyhow… that’s our lovely 5 month checkup LOL!

  1. Eh, screw it. They are all so different anyway. Annika was the perfect baby. Now Bianca, she didn’t sleep through the night really until 14 months and is for some reason suddenly attached to her nukey. Now, Bennett, well he defeats all the odds. He’s a toughy. I’m doing all the “right” things but still nothin’. I’m clueless and I have 3, do what you are doing, it seems like everyone is happy, right? That’s what really matters.

  2. All babies are different. Hudson is just a laid back guy!! He’s doing things at his own pace. 🙂 I wouldn’t worry.Don’t feel bad that he gets up once per night. My little darling gets up every couple of HOURS and he’s the same age as Hudson. I can’t do cry it out because his reasons for waking up is because he gets stuck in the crib slats from rolling around so much. Must. Buy. Bumper.

  3. Haha!! Everything you said at the doctore was how I felt w/ Donnie. Nolan on the other hand is more like Porter, ahead of the game. Doing everything much earlier than Donnie and much stronger at this age than Donnie was (although Donnie was also a month early). And Hudson was a few weeks early too, maybe that makes a slight difference. Funny how two brothers can be polar opposites!Oh, Lordy don't even talk about the “soothers”, we are like the anti- “by the books” parents on this issue…..all I have to say is 2 1/2 year old & still loves his bottle of milk (his doctor doesn't know this though, I just lie). That's right I said it BOTTLE, yup our goal is sometime this year!! hahaha!

  4. I loved your conversation with the doctor, that is so funny. I am sure many parents can sympathize with the second child thing and being a bit more lax in the sleeping and soothing department. AND it’s not like you have done anything to make Hudson not roll over yet. Just be grateful you have such an adorable, happy little guy.

  5. i think it’s easy to be more relaxed with your second one – and there is nothing wrong with that! they are only babies once and every one of them does things their own way. 🙂

  6. LMAO Oh yeah, I was so spoiled with my little 12 hour at 4.5 month sleeper with Morgan. Callie is still up/eats once in the night, don’t worry. I think up until 6 months it’s no biggie. She’s getting cut off soon though – I’m just worried about her waking up Morgan. She doesn’t cry but she talks SO LOUD, drives me crazy. Oh, and she’s started solids and eats a ton of formula, so that’s obviously a crock about them sleeping better once they eat! I think she’s sleeping worse now!All I can say is I consider myself lucky as Layla (Maggie’s daughter) is up pretty much EVERY hour at night and she’s Hudson’s age too. She’s tried everything – feeding her, crying it out etc and nada. Most of the time she is up from 1am to 5 am – Maggie is a walking zombie, I feel so bad for her. If all they do it get up once and a while, oh well. And as for being mobile, they all crawl/walk etc, no rush – then they just get into trouble! Callie wants to crawl and it gives me heartburn thinking about it, like I need that!Hey, call me with your cheapie long distance some time!

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