The Boys- 5 Month Photo Comparison

I thought this was kind of interesting. Its funny how some people think Hudson is the spitting image of Porter and others think they look nothing alike. Porter does have darker hair… Hudson is a light brown, almost blondish (I had light hair when I was younger). I think that, despite everyone saying Porter is a “Mini Ryan” that he looks much more like me than Ryan… and if you saw my brother’s toddler pictures you’d see a striking resemeblance. Hudson, on the other hand, I think looks like a spitting image of Ryan but with lighter features.

As brothers, though, I think they look quite different. These pictures were both taken just days before they were actually 5 months old. Porter was much stronger at this age… in some other pictures taken on the same day, he was pushing himself up and grabbing at toys and lifting the toys to his mouth. Hudson is not near as coordinated or strong and he seems more petite than Porter did. Its so interesting to me how two siblings can be so different… when I was pregnant I always just pictured Hudson being a mini clone of Porter. I love to see what different little people they are each becoming!

  1. I think they are just too cute for words – and I read your other post about the doctors visit. I should have blogged about our last visit because it was pretty funny…Lexi was off the charts as far as size goes and so I casually asked the doctor if we should be worried that she’s growing so big and so fast and she looked at me dead in the eye with all seriousness and said “you’re not already worried?” and I nearly died right there and then she smiles as said “just kidding – no, it’s perfectly fine.” I didn’t know we had a funny doctor – scratch that. I didn’t know that we had a doctor that THOUGHT she was funny.

  2. Well, they are both adorable. I don’t think they really look alike at all! Hudson I think has softer features. I think Hudson is just “the baby” and wants mommy to do everything! He’s got you figured out Nicole! I should do this with my kids! They all look very diff. and always have.

  3. They are both so cute, but they are there own little people and I agree with Michelle I think Hudson has you figured out:) They are both sooo adorable.

  4. What amazes me is how you can see Porter’s face hasn’t changed that much. It’s the same expression he has in most photos you post now! Isn’t it amazing how early their unique personalities shine through?

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