I wish I had something interesting to blog….

It seems like on weekends I have nothing blogworthy to write about. So, I’ll be boring…

Last night we went to the Huffs for dinner. We had a great time catching up (its been forever since we’ve gone anywhere to dinner or had any other couple-friends over) . I drooled over all the decorating they’ve gotten done since I had last been to their house (which I think was when the baby boys were just a few weeks old!).

I insisted that Katie come over in the morning to give me some ideas for our house and I’m so grateful she did! She has such a great decorating style and it seems like ideas/colors/furniture pieces are so easy for her to put together. She gave me some great ideas in our house and I can’t wait to get the $$ to purchase a few new things for our house.

This morning I did run up to the antique store (I love antique stores!) and found a great little table for $5 that I’m now using as my nightstand. We had a similar style table in Porter’s room so I moved that into our room and gave Porter a smaller nightstand table. I also purchased two 16×20 frames for our bedroom and another for the hallway and two smaller frames for the downstairs hallway. I also rearranged our foyer- I like it so much better! Now if I can only talk Ryan into ripping out the hospital-sterile-looking marble and putting in some nice, dark ceramic tile or slate and I’ll be loving my foyer!

Amidst all the decorating/rearranging/finishing little house projects I also had two sessions today: one with my new niece Addisen and one with client from out of town. I’m officially super-busy with sessions to proof and I’m looking forward to the next few weeks of sessions to be over with so I can relax for a bit!

And just for fun… could these boys have been separated at birth?

  1. Oh, Geez…thanks for making sound like an interior decorater. Ha, I wish! BTW… I was thinking in your dinning room if you did find a chest/buffet table you could distress it with the brown and black to mix the brown and black from your dinning room table (if you do paint it), that’s what I’m doing to a mirror for over my fireplace. Great pics. of Addisen, she is SOOO precious, I’m jealous of all that girly cuteness!

  2. Wow, they do look alike! I finally have some ideas for decorating our house, but no time and no money! We did do some organizing and unpacking yesterday which felt fantastic to finally do!

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