When did he get so mouthy?

P has been raiding the pantry and I find him with an oreo stained mouth at least once a day.

I just went downstairs and, bless him, the kid is too honest for his own good. I asked what he’s doing…..

P: “Hiding something.”

I find him with my candle jar and inside the candle jar is an oreo cookie. He hands it to me and covers his ears (what he does when he’s scared or knows he’s in trouble).

Me: “Why are you covering your ears? I’m not going to yell at you. I’m just going to take this away.”

P: “No! Don’t take that from me! I would like to eat that! I just want to eat that all gone!”

I continue to walk into the kitchen as he is hanging on my leg.

P: “I need that! Stop your feet! Stop! I need that thing!”

Me: “No, Porter. Let go of me.”

P: “Don’t put that away! I want to eat it all gone!”

I put the child lock on the pantry.

P: Don’t put that thing on there! I need to get in there!”

I assume this is what parents with teenage daughters deal with……

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