Let me just tell you how much I HATE dogs. And carpet.

GRRRR. Its been a month from hell with our carpet. Let me just note…. our house is 90% wood floors… the only room that is carpeted is the playroom and we have area rugs in the boys room and in the living room.

I hate carpet.

We always said when we moved the first thing we’d do is replace all the carpet with wood or Pergo. And lucky us, our house is almost completely wood. I’ll bet you that soon will be 100% wood.

Let me back it up. See, when we moved in the playroom carpet was kind of yuck, but it was fine for now. Then one of the dogs were left in the house too long and peed in the playroom. (WHY not the kitchen which is ceramic tile???) We tried and tried to clean it up with no avail. So we replaced the carpet with a remnant that Ry’s dad had.

$50 for the pad
$75 to install the carpet

Ahhh… life is good. Fresh, new, clean carpet.

A week later someone wet their pants in the playroom leaving a nice pee puddle. Then one of the dogs started sniffing it out and peed next to it. So my entire living room and playroom stunk like pee. GRR. I have a super sensitive nose and it drove me CRAZY. We used cleaner after cleaner (even professional odor eliminator from my grandma) and still weeks later it still reeked of pee (probably b/c the pee was down in the pad).

So on Monday we had the carpet cleaned (by Breezy Clean Carpets in Jackson… I recommend them– super cheap $25/room!!). And within 2 days my carpet was fresh and clean and non stinky.

And then tonight… that damned Zoey went in there and PISSED on the same “marked” spot AGAIN! Luckily we got to it right away but I can guarantee you I’ll still be able to smell pee. My nose is so dang sensitive.

I give up. If the pee smell is still there next week, we’re just going to have to rip out the carpet and put down wood. I’m so over carpet. I hate hate hate carpet!!

  1. I think it must have been the dogs making the pee smell worse the whole time… I’ve potty trained two kids, (four kids if you count my live in nanny job) and never had any problem with pee smells or stains lingering from simple toddler potty training accidents.We’ve always had carpet in the majority of our house everywhere we’ve lived (except for in MI), and while I love the look of hardwoods in some rooms, I have to say there’s nothing comfier and cozier than a good carpet in certain rooms. I love having it in our playroom and family room, where we’re on the floor a lot.Just reinforces my belief that I am not ready for a dog!!Good luck!

  2. My cats are fine on all wood floors. We just have to watch the litter smell. But, when we had carpet, it would take a lot of effort to clean the area if Xanax got mad and sprayed somewhere (usually when Chase would have an accident and Xanax felt territorial). Fixing cats solves most of those issues…I don’t know what to tell you about aggravating dogs though.

  3. Bummer about the carpet Nic. That sucks. I want to rip all of ours out too, at one point our cat thought it was ok to pee in one corner. It really pissed me off. Animals do suck!

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