The Pink Nightmare lives on….

Oh no she didn’t….

This is one of the pictures my mom showed me when I went to pick the boys up. Porter wanted to play in the snow and she just happened to have this Pink Nightmare of a snowsuit she had bought a few years ago for Aubri. Oh boy…

In other news today:

  • Hudson ate his first jar of baby food- Sweet Potatoes- today. He really seemed to like them! I took a few pictures but am too lazy to upload them.
  • I bought the Britax Marathon carseat for $43+ free shipping from I’m sure it was an error, and I’m waiting for an email saying “Sorry… the pricing was a mistake” but wouldn’t it be cool if I did get it that cheap?
  • Desperate Housewives was great tonight… minus the freaking 7 minute long commercial break in the middle of it. Seriously… commercials are getting longer and longer! (Can you tell we don’t have DVR right now!?! I’m dying…)

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