Big Boy Bathtime

Its so nice now that Hudson can sit up by himself- he can take baths with Porter in the big bath. I swear he splashed his arms up and down, hitting his legs (trying to splash the water) for at least 5 minutes straight! It was so funny!

Porter liked pouring water on Hudson’s head. And then he saw Hudson pee in the bath and guess who thought it’d be fun to “pee on his pee.” Oh gross….

  1. The peeing cracks me up – totally not what a girl would do! I’m sure Norah freaked out (and had to get out instantly) the first time she saw Lucy pee in the tub!

  2. Im pretty sure the “peeing on his pee” came from this house. When the boys have to pee at the same time, they BOTH want to go 2nd so they can pee on the other’s pee. Weird I know, but they are boys… Actually I know. This came from TONY!! When we were training Lukas, Tony would use it as a training tool for get Lukas to pee. Once again, Weird I know…. Sorry your son has now learned this. LOL!!

  3. LOL Gross! Too funny.We have yet to attempt that – Morgan is such a gong show in the bathtub (he practices his swimming lessons) that I’m scared for Callie when she goes in there!

  4. I can’t believe the whole peeing thing starts so early. What is it about boys and peeing? They don’t really ever grow out of it either 🙂

  5. Don’t ya love it? All 3 of ours go into the tub now. I remember when Bianca was sitting and we put her in there for the first time, I had tears I was so happy to see my girls doing something together. Now with all three, it’s even worse. I’m a sap for sibling lovin’!

  6. It’s great when the kids are all old enough to be bathed at the same time. They have fun and you only have to deal with one bathtime!! Multi-tasking at it’s best!! LOL!! ;P

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