Add me to the FAIL blog

I think I’ve pretty much failed at this NabloPoMo thing…. We’ve had a super busy weekend and I’ve slacked on my daily posts. Ah— oh well. I’m going to make up for it today, I promise!! I have lots to share.

What was I SOOO busy doing that I couldn’t possibly manage to blog yesterday? Well, Friday we attempted to finish stripping the wallpaper in the dining room. Ryan’s dad ended up taking Porter Saturday to stay the night. While he was away we managed to finish stripping wallpaper, spackle all the holes in the wall (and the corners of the doorways that the drywall was torn away by the plastic wallpaper corner guard do-hickeys), sand all the spackle spots and today we spent the day stripping the playroom wallpaper, priming both rooms and I managed to paint both rooms today! WOO HOO!

I was so anxious to get these last two rooms peeled away and painted so they somewhat feel like “our house.”

The playroom is this great light greenish shade… similar to Hudson’s room but not as bright. Its perfect for being right off the living room. I’m going to do a ledge around the room like this one found in the Ikea catalog… and put different colored frames on the ledge with drawings from Porter. He’s just beginning to do adorable drawings of people/things and it cracks me up.

The dining room…ohhh the dining room. Originally I’ve been set on doing the walls a dark grayish green with a chairrail and flat paneled wainscoting below but I kind of freaked out on the color… especially since we’re not doing the wainscoting/paneling quite yet. So… I went with a creamy ochre/beige/almond color. And if you know me well enough… this is SOOO not me to go with such an… off-white color. However, I’m inspired by this dining room from Pottery Barn… I’m drooling over this table and chair set, and hopefully will own it someday (must start saving my money!). I found a rug that is similar to this at Menards- special order- and I am thinking soon I’ll purchase that. So… my idea is to have light and airy walls, and let the darks be grounded in the wall decorations, the furniture pieces and the rug/table settings. I plan to buy an old dresser and paint/distress it for one wall and get a large canvas artwork for above it.

Soo… that’s been the projects this weekend. I’m SOOO ready to be done with house projects for awhile!!

And… just some random daily snapshots…

Proof that the baby DOES cry….
His usual look… a grin behind his toy stuffed mouth….

Porter loves to play with his money in his piggy bank…

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