Fridays around here….

are sure to be hectic. This past Friday was my first week watching my sisters two little girls. So, from 5:30am to 2:30pm I’ll have four kids running around… a 3 year old, 2.5 year old, 6 month old and 7 week old. WHOO!

I’m thankful to say that Friday went extremely well. Porter and Aubri play together so well and were busy upstairs playing “Chinese party” (?!?!?!!) for quite some time. (granted…. Porter DID decide to write his name on his bedroom wall with permanant marker… but….). And luckily, Addisen seems to be quite a laid back gal just like Hudson so hopefully the two little ones won’t turn me bonkers.

I even managed to take a few pictures!

  1. It’s funny…the more kids, the easier it is to deal with them sometimes. They tend to keep each other occupied. Not always a good thing…but usually. ;P

  2. I think if I could adopt a 2-3 year old I would be all set – someone to entertain Gavin while the twins entertain each other! LOL! Anyway, cute pics. Your new niece is so cute! I love her expression on the last photo!

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