A day of thanks

Today went off without a hitch… my first “real” dinner party! It was so incredibly nice to have all our family in one spot, spending time together. (Although, Cathy’s presence was greatly missed… I think she would have been proud today… she will be missed so much at every get together, every first. Also, my brother and dad, who didn’t make it, were missed as well).

Dinner went great… we had a whole 20lbs turkey that we never cut into. We altogether made WAY too much food, but I had no idea how much to make for 15+ people so I figured its better to have too much than not enough. I’ll have to adjust for next year.

I had a few projects/games for the kids… we made Indian headbands and played pin the hat on the turkey. I also made these cute cups for them:
The kids loved them and there was no confusion about whose cup was whose!

My dining room turned out pretty good. I wish I’d had decorations on the wall and curtains in the room but oh well. The table looked nice.

I was able to get the first-ever picture of the boys and ALL their cousins from both sides of the family. I absolutely love it… the crazy bunch of them!
After dinner, projects and games we headed to the bowling alley to play a game. It was all of the kids’ first time bowling and they had a blast. I had told Porter about it earlier in the day but obviously he had no idea what “bowling” was. I told him we would throw a ball down the lane and knock the pins down. He kept calling them nails. We were on our way to bowling and he says “We’re going to hit the nails down?” I just went with it (since I’d already corrected him like 5 times today) and said “Yep” He says “Well, actually, the pins.” He’s been so funny lately using the world ‘actually’ all the time. Dorkus.

And of course, I have to include one of Hudson looking so cute in his boy outfit…

  1. your table looked gorgeous. glad it went well, i think i would be soo nervous to host thanksgiving. :)love the projects for the kids and the bowling pics too!

  2. I have so much to say -I loved your table – beautiful.Love the turkey Hat ideaand that bowling idea I am TOTALLY going to copy – what an awesome idea to get everyone out of the house and active after a big meal.

  3. Wow! Sounds like you put a lot of work into the day. I’m glad it went so well. The shot of all 7 kids is amazing! What did you do/say to make them all smile at the same time? That is impressive.

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