Too behind for individual posts…

I really haven’t been in much of a blogging mood lately…. not sure what is up with that. We’ve had a busy weekend, so instead of trying to be all detailed, I’ll just do a quick recap (I know, I know… BOR-ING!)

  • Put up a tree and reindeer in the front yard, as well as a light swag above the front door (thank you mom and grandma for “donating” those items!). Still trying to find a cool way to decorate our mantle, staircase and front door/stoop.
  • Watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas… Porter loved it!
  • Played SuperWhy AlphaPigs ABC game on… Porter can identify all 26 letters of the alphabet… smart boy!
  • Spend the days dealing with two boys who barely napped all weekend… whats up with that?
  • Put up our Christmas Tree…. I helped Porter put up his little tree in his room and after he was in bed, I put on some holiday music while Ryan and I put up our tree
  • Went shopping with Lori on Friday… hit up the resale shop and picked up some presents, unnecessary clothes for the boys and misc. toys. We also went to World Market (got curtains for the living room) and Pottery Barn (picked up decorative towels for the bathroom, two table runners for the dining room and a platter for the table centerpiece).
  • Had lunch with Lori on Friday at the Arbor Brewing Company (they have DELICIOUS onion rings!) and later, a Cinnabon at the mall….mmmm!
  • Today I went to Target and Kohls sans kids…. needed to get out of the house alone!
  • Ordered our Christmas cards… can’t wait to get them mailed out!
  • Watched Fred Clause. Pretty cute movie!
  • Painted two nightstands… one for Porter’s room and one for ours.

That about sums it up!

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