I can’t belive I did this…

I’m attempting to pay bills (but for some reason every damn online place is being soooo slow to let me log in…. and I keep getting error messages) and in the process I open my business account credit card statement. Behind the statement is the typical promotional blank checks, which I always rip up as I never use them. As I’m ripping it, and ripping it good, I notice that one has my name on it and has a dollar amount for $59.34. GAH! I quickly start piecing together the pieces and read “Your Cash Back Reward Check!” The rewards I’ve been accumulating for the past year…. I finally reached the $50 minimum (which I was unaware there was a minimum and had been wondering how to receive my cash back money) and they mailed me the check…. along with the promotional checks. So there is my rewards check, shredded into 6 different pieces.

I called and they are sending me a new check, no questions asked really… which made me wonder… how do they know I really ripped up this check? Funny. Anyhow… thank goodness they’re being nice about sending me a new one…. not sure my bank would accept a scotch taped together check!

  1. eez, now i wonder how many checks i might have in my filing cabinet. I usually assume its the monthly statement and just stash it in the folder, not even checking the contents of it since i see my statements online. Lucky for you they are replacing the check. BONUS!!

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