Can’t get it together….

for some reason I just can’t get into the blogging mood. I have lots I want and need to update (mainly things with the boys), lots of pictures and videos I could update, but I just can’t seem to sit down and put together a decent blog post. All I can think of is bullets bullets bullets. GRR.

I think I’m in a funk… I’ve been so tired lately (falling asleep on the couch at 7:30pm most nights this week!) and the only time I really have on the computer is late at night after the boys are in bed and the house is picked up.

So, here goes my random post:

  • I bought gas for $1.48 today! WOO HOO! It only cost me $27 to fill up my car.
  • Speaking of new cars… Ryan traded the Durango in and now has a Plymouth Breeze. It was a spur of the moment decision… which for him cars usually are. Porter now refers to it as the “Polar Bear Car”
  • Hudson is finally getting his bottom tooth through! YAY!
  • Porter is totally loving the snow we have (just a couple inches… which is nearly melted already). The first day we had anything decent on the ground he was making snow angels with Rocky on our way to the car to drop them off at the sitters. I didn’t even think about him not knowing to run/fall/roll/play in the snow without snow pants/gloves on! He then of course was about in tears saying his hands burned. We went out in the snow after work (in proper snow attire, of course) and he kept jumping in the air and body slamming the ground. It was funny!
  • Hudson really loves taking baths with Porter. He cracks up at Porter (ok, when doesn’t he crack up at Porter!) when he splashes. He loves to slap the water and grab at toys.
  • Yesterday I bought a bunch of fruits and veggies to make Hudson’s baby food. I had bought a bunch of jars but I’m going to save those for outings to throw in the diaper bag. So far I made spinach, green beans, pears, sweet potatoes, bananas and avocado. I still need to make eggplant, summer squash, zuchinni, squash and peas.

I’ll leave you with this video of Hudson… Mr. Ticklish. I swear, you touch the kid and he laughs. He’s SOO ticklish!

  1. I just have to share that I feel like I’ve been in a funk too! I don’t feel like I can get in the Christmas spirit…. I just feel BLAH!!!!! Maybe it’s winter… maybe it’s cuz I feel another cold coming on (Luke is sick and I started the sniffles this morning)…. I don’t know!!!!!! I’m just “off.” I’m not the only one either…. and I wanted to let YOU know you’re not the only one. God knows misery loves company!

  2. Oh Mr. Hudson…I’m sitting here with the girls, and we’re all cracking up at Hudson cracking up. Lia wishes she could tickle him right now.Thank God that tooth came in…that deserves a celebration in itself!

  3. OMG, that video is cute! I was laughing out loud. Callie is sitting here laughing at him and trying to get at him by pawing at the screen! (She’s a forward kind of woman LOL)

  4. fun update – can’t go wrong with bullets. :)hudson is so funny! i love his little growl/laugh he does once in a while. that boy is going to eat his hand!

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