Not how I wanted the weekend to go out….

Porter started throwing up in the middle of the night and has been up on and off all night/morning. He’s currently on the couch watching a movie. I feel terrible for the guy, but damn I’m proud of him too. We’ve kept a bowl by his bed and let me tell you, he makes it to the bowl or toilet! I was upstairs getting Hudson and I heard Porter start crying. He was in the bathroom throwing up in the toilet (break my heart, crying “I don’t want to frow up!”). I’m amazed that at 2 years old he can make it to the toilet or get to his bowl in time!

When I got Hudson up, I took him into our bedroom to wake Ryan up and Hudson started to gag/dry heave. Not sure if he has what Porter has or if it was just a coincidental reaction to Ryan’s morning breath. I’m praying for the latter as I can’t bear to see my 6 month old with the throw ups.

And, while Porter got the flu shot, Hudson did not. So that makes me a bit nervous….

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