Some random notes:

  • Is it just me, or does anyone else like Steve from SteveSongs on PBS Kids?
  • Hudson is such a serious a-hole when it comes to eating solids. I dread feeding him as there are a select few foods he’ll eat without getting pissed. His typical reaction is to stick his rock hard tongue out and just leave it there… like some dink head. And when I manage to sneak a spoonful of food in he literally holds his mouth open, with his tongue sticking out and just grunts and whines and looks around, avoiding me and the glob of food melting in his mouth. I hate feeding him so much (even more than I hate giving my kids baths!!) that I’ve even looked online to see if babies really NEED baby food… can’t we just wait until he’s able to gnaw real people foods? This baby food business is way too messy. ** I should mention… he loves his oatmeal, which I mix with apple juice. He gobbles it right up… so its not that he doesn’t know how to swallow baby food… he just hates anything that isn’t a fruit (and often doesn’t like many fruits!). I try feeding him those dinners and he screams and gags like I’m trying to feed him dog poo…
  • I’m loving my cars ESP (that is… electronic stability program) in these snowy conditions… it seriously keeps my car under so much more control. Love it. However… my backup beeper sensor is a p.i.t.a…. apparently when snow covers the sensors (must find out where those are), it alerts your car that there IS.Something. BEHIND.IT. Right. NOW. Freaked me out at Target…. I waited and waited for “whoever” get the hell out from behind my car and then I realized… there wasn’t anyone.
  • I got my hair cut today… its been nearly 4 months. I left the front somewhat longer (about chin length or a little below) and hacked up the back super short. I got home and Porter leaned out the back door and said “You’re HOME now, Mommy! Your hair looks beautiful!” (awww!) Thank you, Grandma for prepping him to be a good little son!

Alright… off to bed. I’m hoping to tackle cleaning/organizing this house tomorrow!! I might have to take a picture of my office/guest room… its a disaster.

Speaking of…. I’m still not sure what to do with our office/guest room. Our house could possibly be a 5 bedroom home… we have 4 bedrooms upstairs and the basement has a family room area and a bedroom/office as well.

Currently, I have the extra bedroom upstairs as my office AND our guest room. Eventually we’ll be finishing the basement with drywall (has paneling up now)…. I’m not sure whether it’d be better to have my office downstairs so that its near the family room (meaning… I could be nearby the boys and Ry if I was working… they could watch tv/play in the basement) but that’d also mean if the boys were napping I’d be further away from hearing them. OR… should we put the guest room in the basement (making it more private for guests) and keep my office upstairs (meaning… I’d be further away from family things if I was working during the day). Hmmmm what would you do?

  1. Anxious to see your hair. I love our back up beepers too, just not when they go crazy due to the snow. We will have to have a playdate when all the Christmas madness is over. What do you think?

  2. I’d say, don’t stress about feeding H. He IS old enough to eat “real people food”… both my kids were eating about half baby food and half fingerfoods by 8 months old. (and no, they didn’t have teeth!)Does he like things like crackers and cheerios and puffs? Then go ahead and give him baked potatoes or super soft pasta or fruit or veggies cubed up really small and soft for him. Between learning the finger foods and the select baby foods he will eat enough… just maybe make sure he’s taking infant vitamins each day to make sure he’s getting a good base of some of what he needs.Office/guestroom: I’d eventually do the office downstairs. The guestroom would have no bathroom down there and as an office down there you could be closer to the boys when you needed to, as in when Ry’s not around. If you need more quiet and Ry is around, you can always just kick them upstairs because they’ll still have a playroom and tv upstairs. Also, re naps so far removed from the basement… that’s what baby monitors are for!!Hope you have a good break and enjoy all your holiday stuff!!Oh, and Steve Songs bugs me. haha!

  3. My favorite part of that post was you calling H a little dink HAHAHA Callie was exactly like that when she started eating the baby food – I watered it down a bit and it seemed to help. Then one day, she did a total turnaround and now can’t get enough food – baby or finger food.It took me by surprise because Morgan loved food right from the get go where Callie definately took time to warm up to it. I agree with what Heather said – give him finger food! Those puffs are awesome because they disolve. Callie also loves canned sweet potatoes (as does Morgan), I get the kind that come in chunks with no salt etc. I cut them in pea sized pieces for her.

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