A day of improvising….

Since we got dumped on with snow today- nearly a foot- I thought it’d be great timing to go build a snowman. I thought we’d go out while Hudson took his morning nap but the more I thought about it (and the more I stared out the window at the gobs of snow coming down) the more I thought it wouldn’t be such a great idea….. by the time I got both Porter and I geared up to go outside and half of the snowman made, Hudson surely would be waking up from his 45 minute morning nap. And I have no clue where our baby monitor is let alone if it even works, so I’d have to keep poking my head in the house to listen for his cries.

Soo… I improvised. I dumped out Porter’s bucket of trucks and went outside to get some snow and we did this….

We made a little mini snowman with the snowman kit that Denise sent us last year (thank you Denise!)
And Porter tried on different “hats” on him…
He tasted the snow
And had to step in it to see how cold his feet got
H. Riley joined us after his nap….

He wasn’t too sure about the cold snow… he just wanted to get the truck out
He was curious about the snowman… but that’s as far as his hand got… he changed his mind the second I took this shot.

My boys…And what a great use for Mr. Potato Head! I’m so glad I picked up Mrs. Potato Head from Disney last year… I wish I could find somewhere that sold the pieces separately like they do at Downtown Disney as I’d buy up some new parts! Porter loves Mr. Potato Head and I think he’ll get lots of use this winter as our Indoor Snowman Decorator.

Playing inside in the snow literally kept him busy for about 2 hours. I just threw down a towel, played with him for a bit and then left him to entertain himself while I did a few things around the house. Awesome!

Our day home went great… I’m looking forward to a good 2 weeks off. I’m hoping that I don’t get too stressed out or burnt out with the boys… I tend to go crazy when I’m home too much (sad to say). My doc put me on a medication so hopefully I’ll be less irritable with them (err… Porter). So far I’m doing great.

My plans this evening changed a bit though. I was really looking forward to going to Jen’s in Lansing but the roads were terrible. We talked this afternoon and I grudgingly decided not to attmpt the 45 minute drive. However, after I got done laughing and chatting with her on the phone I was really thinking how fun it’d be to go eat pizza and hang out for the evening… but then once Ryan arrived home and said the roads were TERRIBLE and that there were idiots driving everywhere (HAHA!), I decided it was a better idea not to get out on the roads. I’m hoping and praying we can find time over break to get together!!

At the last minute this evening I called our neighbors (the ones with the two kids) and invited them over for pizza. I had spoken to Julie earlier in the day about our New Years party and we both said we’d been wishing/needing/wanting to get together. So, as I pondered dinner I thought… what the heck, let’s see if they’re free and see if they want to drive the 2 second drive over! Luckily they did and we had a great evening. (they laughed and said that Kennedi, their 4 year old, had said on the way home “Are we going home and being boring again tonight?” and they were excited to hear our message when they got home so they didn’t have to be “boring” all night AGAIN! LOL!)

The kids played pretty well together, they brought their new puppy over (she’d been inside all day while they worked, so she tagged along to get snugged on a bit by us!), and we ate pizza, watched Horton Hears a Who and played a game of Nertz. I’m glad they were up for a spur of the moment get together! Hopefully we’ll get a chance to get to know the rest of our neighbors a little better on New Years.

  1. Looks like he had so much fun! We do this often when the temps drop too low to go out, the kids love it. Email me you address and I’ll send you some potatoe head pieces, they sell them here, I just saw some yesterday. Love the pic of Porter kissing the snowman!

  2. I love the indoor snowman! Looks like FUN!! Hudson’s face is hilarious in the one he is trying to get his truck out. You are such a creative mom.

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