Crossing fingers

Hudson has been sick since Monday with a nasty cold… we took him to the doctor Weds and he checked out ok (hasn’t had a fever), but the poor kid sounds TERRIBLE. He’s hoarse… he can barely cry or babble or whine (which is kind of nice HAHA!). He’s irritable, fussy, and just not himself. He coughs and chokes on the mucous. Poor kid!

And now, Porter has a fever…. (sorry LeeAnn if Lukas comes down with anything!!)… the Howards were over this evening and Porter pretty much put himself to bed on the couch before they left. Grabbed Rocky, cuddled up with a pillow, had that glazed over look and just zoned out.

So far his fever isn’t terrible (1o0* I think Ry said) and he’s sleeping ok. I am nervous for it to turn into RSV again. I can’t fathom going through what we went through last year!

Other than that, we’ve had a low key weekend. Yesterday I had some girlfriends over for a “12-hour crop”. I actually got 12 layouts done! Today I invited a few of the girls over again and LeeAnn took me up on the invite. We worked on a little Christmas Card project and I got a few more pages done.

Tomorrow looks low key as well… my kind of weekend! I’m hoping the boys will be feeling better by Monday! I hate to have to call into work with sick kids after a 2 week break!

  1. I hope your boys dont come down with rsv again. Kaiden also had it last year around this time and we almost took him in on christmas eve because he was so bad and it turns out he had it again:(. just kept giving him fluids and filling up the humidifer.. too bad there is nothing you can really do. I hope I can get come scrapping done soon also!

  2. Hope Hudson and Porter are feeling better. I took Grace in today because of a temp and cough and mucus and she has an ear infection. I hate that you can’t do anything to make them feel better!

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