Going from this….

to this….

I am never sure what to do with Christmas Cards… I have the past two or three years’ cards in a manila envelope and I hate to throw them out but I can’t imagine piling them up year after year after year.

I was so excited when LeeAnn sent me this link to make Recycled Christmas Card Ornaments. How cool! I plan to make two ornaments per year and hang a little tag from the ribbon with the date. And then I want to string them all together and make a garland for somewhere in the house (Curtain rods in the living room? Mantle? Above the kitchen cabinets?). I think it’ll be so neat to be able to display a piece of everyone’s Christmas cards every single year… a bit like a patchwork quilt, don’t you say?

I thought the idea was neat and that I’d pass it along. I got 5 done today- one from 2006, two from 2007 and two from 2008.

So… what do you do with your Christmas cards? Save them in a box? Display them year after year? Turn them into place mats? Scrapbook them? Throw them away? Recycle them?

I’m curious!!

  1. fab idea! I thought I would cut out elements from our Christmas cards from this year (such as pictures of Santas, reindeer, baby Jesus etc) and keep them for Tiegan to paste onto her own homemade cards next year. But this is an even better idea that will last 🙂

  2. That’s a great idea, but I have to admit, I do save mine. They give me ideas, and a lot of them are the photo cards, so I like to see how the kids change from year to year.

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