M-I-C K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

I have to admit…. I am not a big fan of character themed birthday parties. I love decorating for parties and I love getting into “themes” but… when it comes to characters I’m just… ick.

This year, however, I can feel my issues subsiding (it really isn’t “all about control”… really) and I was half tempted to open up the Birthday Express catalog, let him pick a party and order up the gaudy themed decor. However, Porter really wanted a Mickey Mouse themed birthday and while I really was close to going with the flow and doing what normal parents do for birthdays, I decided to hop around online and find out what other people might have done.

I found THE most adorable cupcakes on Flickr and decided… what the hell… let’s go with a color theme and subtle hints of Mickey, no?

So that’s what I did. And I love how it turned out!


And of course… the piece de la resistance…

***ETA*** The ears/hat is made from rolled fondant. I bought it at JoAnn already made (white) and purchased icing dye (black) and hand mixed it. Much easier than I thought!
These were probably the biggest hit….

Now, doesn’t this look like a happy birthday boy? Man… why couldn’t I get a cute shot like this of MY kid?
A little game of “Pin the Birthday Hat on Mickey”
The prize for playing along…
Wow… zoned much? I think I remember saying this last year on his birthday… “I swear he had a good time… but I have zero pictures of him smiling!” HAHA! I will admit… he was probably a little traumatized at this moment. See, the original candle I had for him was a “#3” sparkler. And I lit it and he freaked out. So… I tried to blow it out but… well, have you ever tried to blow out a sparkler? So I rushed it to the sink and busted out the plain ol’ birthday candles. So, by this time Porter was SO over the hoopla.
He wasn’t too keen on everyone singing to him

Ryan’s parents started a tradition with the grand kids that they get a bike for their 3rd birthday. Unfortunately, Nina wasn’t able to be with us to give Porter his 3rd Birthday Bike, but we know it was truly from BOTH Nina and Papa. 🙂

  1. OMG Nicole, those cupcakes! Awesome! I’m with you on the cartoony stuff. I cringed when one of Tiegan’s bigger presents was a gaudy princess bedding set. Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty’s faces… everywhere, ugh!Anywho. You did a fabulous job. I’m taking a hint from you and trying to have the patience to maintain a themed-but-not-themed party next year 😉

  2. Looks like another fabulous party! Cute stuff!!I just love love love the simple at home parties like this… it’s so much more fun to remember than renting places and having it always have to be an activity thing. That’s the big thing here… every birthday party is at an indoor bounce place or the kids museum or the “My Girls” boutique for kids with makeovers and stuff. Every single one. I’ve been to one (1!!!) regular old birthday party since we’ve lived here (almost 2 years) and we’ve been to quite a few parties ranging from 2 yr olds to 7 yr olds! Do you know how many businesses here are basically just for parties?? There are little girl tea rooms and boutiques and spas and then of course the bounce houses and arcades and you name it, they throw parties! What happened to good old fashioned small parties with birthday party games and snacks and just hanging out together and having fun? I mean, sure those places can be great fun… but birthday after birthday? It gets old. it’s nice to get back to basics sometimes. :)Anyway, your party looked like so much fun. Hope Porter had a great day!

  3. Those cupcakes are SO unbelievably cool to look at…you almost don’t want to eat them!! ;PCan’t wait to see what you’re going to do for Hudson’s 1st birthday!!

  4. Such a cute idea! It turned out perfectly. Did you make or buy the streamer in the dining room? I am looking for some simple decorating ideas for my niece’s birthday.

  5. Such a cute idea! It turned out perfectly. Did you make or buy the streamer in the dining room? I am looking for some simple decorating ideas for my niece’s birthday.

  6. Those cupcakes are just too darn cute. I may have to make some and my kids are 18 and 15. Do you think they will be excited? Probably not but I’m gonna make them anyway. Happy Birthday Porter!

  7. Nic you are amazing. So creative!! So cute and tasteful. The cupcakes look professional and almost too pretty to eat. is Porter plugging his ears while you sang to him? Haha.

  8. the picture of porter covering his ears is priceless! ha! you do SUCH an awesome job with parties girl! tucker wants a mickey party and i’ve been cringing while trying to come up with ideas. those cupcakes are SO awesome!

  9. Those cupcakes are adorable! I wish I had thought of those for Gav’s party. I love the pictures too…looks like he had so much fun! (and I seriously can’t get over that he is THREE!)

  10. I’m late on commenting on this… very cute party idea! I saw that Jenny’s son wants a Mickey party too, and I’m just wondering when did Mickey Mouse make a comeback?? He seems very popular with the toddler/preschool crowd! Are there Mickey cartoons on that I’m not seeing? My kid got a giant stuffed Mickey for Christmas, and he loves it, even though he’s never seen anything Mickey before.

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