Weekend Recap: Part 1

I don’t recall ever going to an indoor water park, so I was a bit excited to be able to spend the weekend with Ry’s family at Splash Universe. And, being Porter’s birthday, I was excited for him too. Special day for a special guy.

Our morning started out rough (ok, so ANY morning in the Barczak household where we’re all required to be packed, ready, organized and out the door at a specified time is deemed “rough”), but once we got to the hotel, found the RIGHT room, changed, took a couple chill pills and got to the water park, all was good. Porter was in heaven. He jumped right in and was all over the place. He loved the water slides and was so cute talking to all the “babies” in the kiddy pool (“babies” as in… walking toddlers HAHA! Not really “babies” but to him, I guess they were? He must think he’s SOOO old now that he’s 3).

Hudson was a trooper. He’s getting his 2 top teeth (ALMOST through… almost!) and was running all day on one hour long morning nap. He loved the water and didn’t fuss a bit until about 3:30 and we decided to take him up for a nap.

The pool area was SO hot and muggy when you first get in there but once you’re in the water and wet, oooh it feels chilly walking around! I decided to hang out in the room, crank up the heat and put on some dry clothes and relax a bit while Hudson napped.

We all had a delicious pizza dinner and played a few rounds at the arcade. Afterwards we all hopped back in our suits for some late evening swimming in the “quiet” pool (aka… normal hotel pool). Well, it WAS quiet until we arrived HAHA!

The boys were up late… I think it was nearly 10pm before they got in bed. Both of them were awesome all day. Its great that Porter is getting to an age where he can skip naps if needed, and Hudson is such a chill guy that he really hangs in there even when he’s over tired.

I really didn’t take all that many pictures at the waterpark. Honestly, (I am so ridiculous), but the lighting was terrible and my point and shoot sucks. Literally, the flash lights up the foremost person and the rest of the picture is pitch black. So, I did use my good camera for a few minutes in the baby pool but didn’t venture to take it anywhere else in the water park. There were buckets of water dumping here and there, kids running and splashing… I wasn’t about to chance it. It was nice to relax and not worry about capturing every moment. I did take my camera into the arcade and into the big “quiet” pool later (yes… INTO the big pool!!) but that was really all I caught of our action-filled waterpark adventures. Honestly, I took more pictures in the hotel room of the kids jumping on the beds than in the pools!

See what crappiness my point and shoot churns out? Ok, ok, yeah…. it was on Auto. And this is ridiculous but I ordered a new P&S today…. we’re going to another water park in Indianapolis (along with the Children’s Museum) at the end of March and I really want to have a compact P&S that I can just whip out and be able to take snapshots with. It goes up to 1600 ISO so maybe that’ll give me more options in lower light (my current P&S only has 400 ISO option).

  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! We went to Splash over Christmas break too and had a blast. Were your beds really god-awful hard though?? blaah I was sore the next day! lol but the waterk park was fun!

  2. Looks like so much fun! I hear ya on the P&S cameras. You'll have to let me know how your new one works out. Mine goes to 800 ISO but I get really, really, really grainy pics with it at that setting so I end up leaving it on auto most of the time.

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