Off Kilter

Its 1am and again… I’m up at an odd hour, organizing the basement, my office and my scrap area.

I was oddly exhausted today. Ryan’s dad came over for dinner and boy, was I great for dinner conversation. I ate quietly, eyes half closed, and then immediately went to lay on the couch for a rest at 6:30 and fell asleep until oh, 11:30pm. So I’ve been up since then, cleaning and organizing and all that because, really, I’ve already slept my night sleep!

I have to share these adorable bags I picked up for the boys. Last week I was at Wal-Mart and walked past these cute things in the luggage aisle. I made a mental note to look them up online and see if I could get a better price or even just add them to the boys’ Amazon Wish Lists. They are an 18″ upright rolling luggage piece and they came with a little mini matching backpack (perfect toddler size for a few special toys). At home, I couldn’t find them for sale anywhere except for the UK and they were triple the price (after converting euros to dollars). They stuck in my mind as we packed for our weekend last week and the boys stuff was just thrown in random tote bags. “It’d be nice for each of the boys to have their own special little suitcase!”

So, the other night I went to Wal-Mart and picked them up. I also purchased two Jeep rolling backpacks (one in gray/orange and one in gray/blue) as I thought…. those were rugged and boyish and cool, and they wouldn’t out grow those like they will the cute animal luggage. But, after getting them home I thought… no. I have all their life to buy them boring old backpacks. I’m going to stick with the cutesy animal luggage and enjoy their little-ness!

I reserved this one for Hudson… cute little penguin that reminds me of him and his arm waggling when he can’t get where he wants to go. The beak has a little squeaker in it.

And Porter, little tiger man. Lift up the lips/whiskers and there are zipper teeth underneath. So cute.

If you want to browse them online, they are called Sammies by Samsonite. There is a turtle, ladybug, kangaroo and I think a bumblebee too.

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