Saturday Thoughts

  • I am so thankful for a job that is still able to give overtime
  • I wish I could have more restraint with sweets
  • I wonder what Hudson is going to look like when his 2 top teeth are fully in
  • How do you teach a 3 year old how to pedal a bike? Taping his feet to the pedals didn’t work…
  • I’ve tried to reconcile, forgive, forget, make amends. It will never come full circle. Really, how much clearer does it have to be?
  • I can’t wait for winter to end! I’m anxious to see my landscaping this spring!!
  • Does a saggy stomach EVER go away? Is there any hope? Well, maybe if I could keep the sweets away from my lips…
  • Why does Porter keep saying “I prove it.” Its never the right context. Where did he hear it? What does he think it means?
  • I love my new little point and shoot. Pretty nifty, for a point and shoot.
  • Steak dinner tonight was DELISH. Thank you, Dave! Its been a long time since I’ve had a good steak dinner.
  • I wish I had more ambition with my photography… I feel so uncreative. SO uncreative.

  1. Ditto on the last one!I haven’t taught Nathan to ride his bike but my brother taught his two kids and his trick is to tell the kids to “pull up” on the handlebars while they are trying to pedal. I guess remember trying to do that when I was trying to get going quickly, so who knows. It worked for them. Just make sure he doesn’t pop a wheely and flip off.

  2. I can completely sympathize with trying to reconcile, forgive, forget, & make amends…. sometimes it just never comes around to be a full circle again. Sad, but true… in the end all I can say is I learned a lot in the process about myself & that other person…

  3. I don’t think NICOLE and UNcreative will ever belong in the same sentence! I envy your creativeness- seriously! You have inspired me with all your decorating and revamping of room space in your house!

  4. Tiegan says she’ll prove it too, in all the wrong context. I think it’s my fault, because once in Time Out she said ‘I’ll be good!’ and I told her she couldn’t just say it, she had to prove it. lol

  5. I agree, you are the most creative person I know! Don’t be so hard on yourself.Even if it doesn’t come full circle I am a firm believer is you get what you give. Karma….:)

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