Monkey Update:

Porter @ 3 Years

  • Still loves trucks… trucks trucks trucks. Anything trucks.
  • Is in a sharing rut… everything is “I just had that!” “That’s mine!” He’s been great at sharing up until the past few weeks.
  • Can identify all the letters of the alphabet
  • Knows some letter sounds. Said the word “Cucumber” last night and then said “Cucumber…. starts with Q!” haha!
  • Finally can sing the ABC song (he’s not a big song-singer, and he’s been able to sing parts of it for awhile but never all the way through)
  • Is extremely attached to his Grandma (my mom)
  • Developed quite an attitude recently. I hope its just an age/stage thing and not a reflection of our parenting.
  • Has become afraid of his bedroom at night… tells us “I get scared sometimes!” in such a sad voice.
  • Makes me laugh every day

Hudson @ 9 Months

  • Is becoming more mobile… goes from sitting to laying, rotates in a 360* circle “army crawl”, and army crawls…. backwards. He gets up on his knees, but just hasn’t figured out how to move.
  • Has 2 bottom teeth and his 2 top teeth just broke through.
  • LOVES his Oma (my grandma)
  • Eats 3 meals a day (mostly regular foods, but occasionally baby food too) and has four 6oz bottles a day
  • Still wakes up once a night, usually around 5am. We toss him a bottle and he goes back to sleep until 7/7:30am

  1. Great bubble shots! It's a cute “theme” for this entry :)How weird – Tiegan is pretty much in the exact phase Porter is right now with the sharing & attitude. I was beginning to worry I was doing something wrong, but now I feel better knowing that it's probably just a phase for that age.

  2. Happy bday to Porter, and I can’t believe Hudson is 9 months already! I guess that makes sense since Bennett will be 1 next week! Cute pics Nicole, bubbles are fun!

  3. Lord knows that’s gotta be the bubble machine I got him for his birthday…am I right!? We busted ours out yesterday, but Momma no like bubbles in the house, as Donnie would say! haha!

  4. They are so dang cute Nicole! I can't believe how big they are (and that my twins take (4) 6 oz bottles a day at just 6 months old – I have little piggy's). LOOOOVE the pics too. I wish I could get my b&w's like yours. I love them!

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