Photo backlog, Marriage Matters and its beginning to look a lot like spring!

Its going to be a long weekend on the computer, I’m afraid.

I’m still not sure what to do about printing pictures… you know, besides the ones I scrapbook. I started out printing all my favorites and within Porter’s 1st year ended up with over an album per month. I haven’t printed pictures since… October 2007 maybe? And I typically print 200+/month. I’ve decided I need to get up to snuff on proofing my personal pictures (I’m back-logged to May 2008!) and attempt to start printing 4×6’s even if they just sit in a photo box. There is something about taking pictures and just keeping them on the computer that irks me. I feel like if I took the time to take the picture (at least the decent/good ones that tell the “story) that I should do myself the favor of printing them too. I print a majority of my pictures from my pro lab but for this bulk of an order I’ve resorted to Snapfish, Photoworks or Shutterfly because its SO much cheaper (especially when printing 200-300 photos a month!).

Its fun to look back at past pictures and find little gems that I didn’t initially proof. Or just plain reliving the day/event. I love looking back at pictures and can’t imagine what life would be like without cameras!!

Tonight Ryan and I attended a “marriage enrichment” class. Its through Marriage Matters Jackson and I’m really excited about taking more! Ryan was skeptical thinking it was some sort of counseling thing, but he really did enjoy it (their motto is “Making good marriages great” so its more along the lines of giving couples tools to enrich their marriages). We had a great time and it was fun to have 3 hours to ourselves with no kids!

This weekend we’re going to do another date together to the historic Michigan Theater to see Marley and Me. And Saturday we’re taking the boys to see a free spring matinee of Space Chimps. Hopefully that’s decent.

This week flew by… it seems like the weekends fly by but then the weeks do too. Which is nice… I love Thursdays. I love the evenings and being excited for Friday morning hanging out with the boys, lounging in the living room in our pj’s all day, watching cartoons by a cozy fire.

Tomorrow is supposed to be really nice (60’s) so we’ll probably go outside for awhile and play. We chatted with our neighbors behind us for a bit today and I’m hoping we’ll all be out of “hibernation” this weekend and can catch up with all of our neighbors. I know we’ve been itching to get outside and do yard work and get spring/summer on its way!

Well, I must get off here and get back to proofing some photos. Hopefully I’ll be able to place an order before the 10th- Shutterfly has a 20% off code AND free shipping. Which is huge…. normally my shipping costs are $20+!!!

  1. Too funny- I saw a sign for Marriage Matters workshops and called this morning about signing up for one. Which one did you attend? I was looking at All About Us, but it already started.

  2. I have heard great things about the Marriage Matters workshops. The one I have been encouraged to sign up for that my friend attended is 'Pick a Partner; How To Avoid Dating (or Marrying) a Jerk or Jerkette' She swears she walked away with a better view on the opposite gender. Great look back @ the pictures! Porter & No Feet, my favorite:)

  3. i can’t believe it’s that nice out there! i am soooo jealous… i have spring fever and it’s still hovering right around freezing here. damn minnesota! hope you enjoy your weekend.

  4. Awesome weather…I'm in LOVE! Did I read your baby fever is over…? You mean until next June 2010, right??;) We've gotta get a pic. of Donnie & Porter on their bikes together…the same ones, too funny!

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